10 Best Uses Of Modern Calligraphy- InkSmooth

10 Best Uses Of Modern Calligraphy- InkSmooth

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What is Modern Calligraphy? What is modern calligraphy used for? In this article we listed 10 uses of modern calligraphy. 

What is Modern Calligraphy?

There are two parts of calligraphy, Traditional calligraphy and Modern calligraphy. Let’s first understand what modern calligraphy is.

Modern calligraphy refers to calligraphy which is not done traditionally. We all know that calligraphy is a very old and traditional art form. In traditional calligraphy we aim to write every letter perfectly. Every letter has to be uniform and every ‘A’ has to match with another ‘A’.

The goal is to have “correct” and predetermined shapes. So there are some strict rules and uniformity in traditional calligraphy. But in Modern calligraphy we don’t have to follow specific guides and rules.

There is flexibility in modern calligraphy. And you can do whatever you want to make your letter beautiful. And that makes modern calligraphy different from traditional calligraphy.

In modern calligraphy we use flexible nibs. And in traditional calligraphy we use tools with rigid nibs.

Here is the example of modern calligraphy.-

Modern Calligraphy Example
Modern Calligraphy Example

And here is an example of traditional calligraphy.

Traditional calligraphy example
traditional calligraphy example

You can clearly see the difference here. In traditional calligraphy every word is uniform and matching with others. On the other hand in modern calligraphy you have freedom to do anything. You can even create your own style and script.

Modern calligraphy is becoming very popular nowadays. And we get to see its use in office and corporate industry a lot. Brush Calligraphy and Corporate Calligraphy are the forms of Modern Calligraphy.

10 Uses Of Modern Calligraphy- 

Here are the 10 uses of Modern Calligraphy.-

1. Logo Designs

Modern Calligraphy is used for Logo Designs a Lot. There are multiple uses of calligraphy for logo designs. It helps brands to look more beautiful and create a brand identity easily.

Lots of logo designers use modern calligraphy for giving brands a modern and messy look. Modern calligraphy engages the audience in brand logos a lot, so they easily remember it. And you can even achieve a corporate look for our brand with modern calligraphy.

Very big brands such as Rayban, Disney, and Dove used calligraphy for their logos. So you can assume how effective it could be. 

Ray Ban Logo
Ray Ban Logo

2. Advertising and Brand Building

The Second most use of Modern calligraphy is done in the advertising industry. Advertising formats like display ads, posters, holdings, and billboards use modern calligraphy to catch the attention of their audience.

It is a very effective technique to catch the audience’s attention. It is done on video and image both platforms for years and years.

While advertising your brands it impacts the audience’s mind and creates a brand identity. Both color and fonts are equally important for brand building. 

Advertising field utilizes the potential of modern calligraphy for years and years.

3. Relaxing And Meditation

Lot of people use modern calligraphy for relaxation and unwinding their mind. Modern calligraphy has no rules and it offers full freedom. Therefore an artist can calmly do it. 

Some people tend to like modern calligraphy over traditional calligraphy. Because of its freedom of style. Therefore some people slightly prefer modern calligraphy for relaxation and mediation.

And it’s very flexible and easy.

4. Making Money And Career. 

Modern calligraphy has a lot of demand in the corporate niche, therefore some people use modern calligraphy for making money. 

And it’s needless to say that you can easily make a career out of calligraphy. And make living on it. If you want to get more information about this you can visit our this article- 10 Realistic Ways to Earn Money From Calligraphy- Inksmooth

It has in-depth information and a step by step guide for earning money in calligraphy. Also I did a breakdown and categorized every possible way to earn money in calligraphy. And I rate them in various scenarios. Flexibility, Freedom, difficulty, and money wise.

It’s a great chart for everyone to look at.

5. Creating Vectors And Designs.

Modern calligraphy is most used for Vectors, poster designs and other designs. The combination of modern calligraphy looks so good in designs, therefore it is the first preference of any design artist.

There are various types of modern calligraphy fonts available for creating designs. Modern calligraphy is used in various designs, posters, vectors, infographics, and making cheat sheets more attractive. 

Lot of Pinterest designs are made by using modern calligraphy, because it looks good. If you’re a design artist of any kind, modern calligraphy can help you a lot to make your design more attractive.

Lots of designers like the looks of modern calligraphy fonts, therefore they use them in their designs.

6. Creating Fonts.

Modern calligraphy is also used for creating new fonts. Unlike traditional calligraphy it offers flexibility and freedom to writers. Therefore you can create an unlimited amount of styles, and script with it.

People take advantage of it, and utilize it for creating various beautiful fonts. Some people sell them and make money. And people like designers and logo makers love to buy them. It’s beneficial for both of them.

Specialized fonts give uniqueness to their art and designs. Also some companies create their own fonts for them. E.g. Microsoft and Apple have their own fonts. Which they use for their OS. 

7. Corporate Industry.

The Demand for modern calligraphy is increasing day by day in the corporate industry. Therefore people are using modern calligraphy in the corporate industry a lot.

It is also used for giving corporate looks to various things.

8. Wedding and Other Various Invitations.

Uses Of Modern Calligraphy
Uses Of Modern Calligraphy

Modern calligraphy is very admired by people in wedding inventions. It is needless to say the importance of calligraphy in the wedding sector.

People do whole calligraphy themed weddings. They love a combination of wedding and calligraphy. 

And modern calligraphy is at the top of that list. They use modern calligraphy for decorations, and invitation cards.

Also modern calligraphy is used for various other events, and their invitation cards. 

So that’s it for today guys, hope you like this information about uses of modern calligraphy. Stay tuned for more informational content about calligraphy on inksmooth.com/

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