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Is calligraphy a good career? What are the advantages of a career in calligraphy? In this article we answered the question is calligraphy a good career? and mentioned 14 reasons why calligraphy is a good career.

14 Reasons Calligraphy is a Good Career

Following are the 14 reasons why calligraphy is a good career. We mentioned all the advantages you get for a career in calligraphy.

1. There is a lot of scope in calligraphy.

The very first reason is there is a lot of scope in calligraphy. You have various opportunities and things to do in calligraphy.

You will never feel blocked or you will never be limited in calligraphy. The limitations and possibilities are unlimited.

And you will going to find a lot of opportunities and scope into the calligraphy as a career. You can do various jobs as a calligraphy instructor, teacher, as CE Instructor – Calligraphy, Calligraphy Specialist, Calligraphy Designer/Stylist – Corporate Media & Packaging, Craft Designer – Calligraphy, Digital Design Specialist – Calligraphy.

Other than that you can do freelancing and paid artworks for a living. Or use it as just a side hustle in future.

You can even create your very own business in calligraphy. So basically the scope in calligraphy never ends. Therefore you can consider calligraphy as a very good career option.

2. You can earn a good amount of money in calligraphy.

Second reason why calligraphy can be a good career is, you can make good money from it. Calligraphy is an expensive art, you can earn a lot into calligraphy.

These days people crave for handmade things. It has a touch and life-likeness to it. And there are a lot of demand for it.

Also calligraphy is an art. It requires a lot of practice, patience and dedication to learn. It took so much effort to learn this skill. Therefore it’s an expressive art. And you can charge a lot of money for it. 

In general there is a good chance to make money in calligraphy. The salary is good, also you can charge a good amount of money for artwork.

And because it’s handmade and one of a kind, it has a lot of value for normal people.

But keep it mind it depends on your work and experience level. If you have good artistic skill you will be able to earn good. So it depends on your work also.

And even if you are creating a business in calligraphy, you are able to charge a good amount of money. And also able to sell products at good prices.

These days brands need calligraphy to stand out better. So they will also be ready to pay you good money for it.

Therefore there is a good amount of money included in this career option. Average calligrapher can earn $4500 US dollars per month. Which is pretty good, but also it depends on your skills and country.

3. You have various choices of career in calligraphy.

Third reason is, you have multiple choices in calligraphy. You have all the freedom and flexibility to choose your work.

You can even join a good job or create your own business, if you don’t like doing 9 to 5 jobs. Or otherwise you are also able to do just freelancing for living.

So you have various choices for work. And you can even change it over the time. You can really think and choose what is best for you. And depending on your comfort you can switch it later.

It really opens up a lot of possibilities for you even in the future. So we can say calligraphy gives you a lot of options and flexibility of work.

And the main thing is you don’t have to learn any other thing for switching. Your skills and knowledge remain the same, and just on those you are able to do various things. So no extra things need to be learned.

And you can even make a living by teaching other people calligraphy. So it could also be a  possibility for you.

You have various choices in your job, like calligrapher instructor, designer, teacher, craft-designer, stylist, and so on.

You can get more information about this in our other article here- Is Calligraphy Actually Worth Learning?

4. Calligraphy is very flexible to work.

There is a lot of flexibility in work. You get work by your comfort. Specialty if you are a freelancer or have a business.

You can manage your own time for work. If you are one of those people who hates a 9 to 5 job, then it’s the best thing.

You are already doing the thing you love and also get flexibility in work. So this is one of the great advantages of making career in calligraphy.

You can make good amount of money even by doing little work with flexibility. Therefore calligraphy is a very good career option.

5. There are a lot of opportunities in calligraphy.

There are a lot of opportunities available in calligraphy field. It is a never dying art. Demand for calligraphy is increasing.

You will never get disappointed. Lots of people are interested in calligraphy. So there are plenty of opportunities available in calligraphy.

You have lot of opportunities in the job sector, business sector and even in freelancing or teaching sector. You just had to be good in it.

So career wise it’s a really great thing, it will definitely be worth it to see calligraphy as a career. Calligraphy can be a good career option for you.

Calligraphy has opportunities in following things- 

  • Oftentimes brands need calligraphy for establishing their brand.
  • Designing cards, wedding cards, etc.
  • For making Vows.
  • Designing font and typography.
  • Media and advertising has great opportunities for calligraphy.
  • For doing Custom Quotes/Artwork.
  • Original hand-lettered logo design.
  • For Religious art.
  • Cut stone inscriptions, and memorial documents.

6. You are doing what you love.

I think this is the most important advantage of a career in calligraphy. You are doing what you love. This just  simple thing took away lot of pressure and unnecessary stress from you.

You don’t have to force yourself to work. It comes naturally from inside. And because of this you will get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Most people choose calligraphy as a calligraphy, because they  love to do it. I even personally know a few people who didn’t start calligraphy as a career, but after a while they got into it.

They just enjoyed their journey and eventually ended up making a living in calligraphy.

If you love what you are doing, you can achieve anything. I personally give very importance to this factor.

Maybe some people aren’t able to see the advantages of it, but it’s very essential. If our work didn’t interest us, how could it interest others?

When you do things you love, your mind reminds calm and happy. You get less burnout and sufferings.

Your overall journey becomes joyful and pleasant. And eventually be able to do your work better. It is best to make a career in what we love to do.

7. It is a very creative art field.

Calligraphy is a very creative art field. Limit is endless in calligraphy. You have a lot of leverage in calligraphy.

And if you are a creative person you are going to love it. If you want to be an artist it’s a nice field to go into.

You can work by your comfort. You can be a good artist and earn money at the same time.

If you want you could get fame and money at the same time. So if you are more on the creative side it’s the best field to look at. Because there is good money, opportunity and leverage into it.

8. You can turn your passion into your profession due to various opportunities.

Specially If you love doing calligraphy, it is worth looking at it as a career. There are a lot of opportunities and money in it.

Specially if you love doing calligraphy, you can earn money by following your passion. I would highly suggest you look forward to calligraphy.

Due to it’s high demand and great opportunities it is a good career. You can get more information about the demand of calligraphy by our article here- Is Calligraphy a Dying Art?

You will be able to do what you love and turn your passionate into a profession. Many people just start calligraphy for their liking and eventually build a whole career in it simply cause they love doing it.

So you can look forward to a career in calligraphy. It will be worth it due to various opportunities, enough money, your passion, and exclusive demand for calligraphy.

9. There are a lot of opportunities in business and jobs also.

That brings us to our 9th point. There are a lot of different options for jobs and businesses in calligraphy.

You can either work as a calligrapher, calligraphy instructor, designer , logo designer, Digital Design Specialist – Calligraphy and much more.

Means in simple words you have various options to choose from. Same with the business you can either sell products, artworks or make artworks for others.

You can even work with different companies to help them establish their brand with the help of calligraphy. But keep in mind these things will take little time. And you have to put in a lot of effort for that.

So there is no limit for a career in calligraphy. You will be getting absolute freedom while choosing a specific task. And everything will be in your control.

Therefore we can say calligraphy is a career.

10. You will be saving money in a lot of  other things as well.

While doing calligraphy in the future, we will be going to save a lot of money as well. You are going to save money on gifts, showpieces, and even on clothes.

You can gift your close ones and others handmade cards, letters and stickers. And it’s not just cheap but also very valuable to them.

Because it is written by you in your words. It has a unique design and style. It’s a one of a kind experience to receive special handmade things from your close ones.

So it makes them feel special and also saves money. 

Rather than using showpieces or hanging paintings on the wall, you can hang your own calligraphy artworks.

Obviously it’s an honor and great thing to hang your own artworks in the house. Also it boosts your confidence and makes you feel better every time you look at it.

And it saves you money on expensive paintings and wall hanging. You can also make a frame and use it to decorate tables instead of showpieces.

11. It even has a lot of benefits to you.

Calligraphy even has a lot of benefits for you and your health. It boosts your confidence, creativity, and makes your vocabulary vast.

Also it reduces stress and relaxes your mind. It helps us people to connect with each other. And also it helps people to express themselves in a creative way.  

It helps to improve your body posture. It increases your focus level and control on hand a lot. It has tons of benefits.

To get in-depth information on that I highly suggest you to check our thing article- 13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy

We covered everything about the benefits of calligraphy in this article. You will get a complete and clear idea about it.

And taking calligraphy as a career not just helps you to earn money, save little money but it has other benefits to you. Therefore it is a good idea to look at calligraphy as a career.

12. There is a lot of freedom in the career of calligraphy.

There is a lot of freedom in calligraphy. Especially if you are a freelancer you are able to work on your time.

Take work according to your liking. There is no pressure on you. You can take holidays and enjoy them according to your time and convince.

There are no such 9 to 5 boundaries for time as well as in work. You can take specific work according to you.

If you don’t like to work 9 to 5, you can look forward to a career in calligraphy. Because of these freedoms you’ll stay away from unnecessary stress and creative burnouts. And it saves you from lot of trouble.

While working you have a lot of options to choose from, so there are no limitations to you in calligraphy.

You can choose from whatever you want and work flexibly according to your convince. So I just not give you freedom in time and flexibility but in every aspect.

You are able to work on your time and your liking for a lifetime. And make living on it.

13. There are multiple sources of income in calligraphy.

Our second last point for the day is, it has multiple sources of income. You earn through multiple sources in calligraphy.

You can do jobs as well as freelancing and side by side sell some products. To be honest you don’t have to do three things at a time, it will become hectic. And one income source will be more than enough.

But if you want to expand you always have an option. I know a friend of mine who has a business in calligraphy. She does costume artworks, sell products online as well as use freelancing for extra orders, and conducts workshops and classes. 

I know it’s not possible for everyone, but we can look forward to it. And the main thing is you can do at least 2 or 3 things at the same time.

In that way you don’t have to depend on one earning source. If you quit your job you have freelancing to support you financially . And it’s realistic to do freelancing for extra  money and backup after job.

So in calligraphy you won’t have to depend on one  income source you can make multiple of them. And it is more safe to do so.

14. Demand for calligraphy never goes down.

Last point of the day is, demand for calligraphy never goes down. We have a full article written on it. You can check in out here- Is Calligraphy a Dying Art?

Here we talked about everything and showed the statistics of demand for calligraphy in the past.

From the statistics we can safely say that the demand for calligraphy will never drop in the future also.

Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?
Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is a decade old art form. It was invented in the 6th century and still is very popular in its raw form. If it manages to survive till now. And remains so much popular till now then it’s definitely not going to die in the near future.

So calligraphy is a future proof career. And it has no chance machine to take over because it’s a handmade art. 

It has to be done by hand. People crave for handmade things these days. So it’s very safe to say that, it is totally safe and secure for the future and it’s futureproof. Hence calligraphy is a good career to look forward to.

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