Why is fountain pen expensive?
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Why is fountain pen expensive? Why do fountain pens cost so much? Are fountain pens really worth it? Do expensive fountain pens write better? Why are fountain pens better than ballpoint pens? Let’s see all these questions in this article.

Why is Fountain Pen Expensive? The main reason is because of its lack of demand. Manufacturers weren’t able to mass produce it hence they had to buy raw materials in smaller quantities. And it’s become more expensive. Also metals can vary, some brands use good metal and they hand-made pens. Therefore fountain pens are expensive.

And these are not the only reasons that make fountain pens expensive. Read this subheading below to understand the whole point.

Why is Fountain Pen Expensive?

So firstly there are several reasons for fountain pens to be expensive. Let’s first see them all. And then see them in detail.

5 Reasons Why is Fountain Pens Expensive-

  • Because of the economy of scale.
  • Using good quality metals.
  • Same brands make all their pens by hand.
  • Premium and luxury pens.
  • Limited supply of pens.

Now let’s see them in detail. 

1. Because of The Economy of Scale.

This is the main reason why fountain pens are expensive. Beside the premium brands and luxury pens. A normal cheap fountain pen still costs more than our regular ball pens. But Why? Have you ever thought about it?

The cheapest fountain pen is comparatively more expensive than our normal pen. Average fountain pen costs $8 USD. and in that you can buy 12 ball pens. Why does this happen? It happens because of the lack of demand. Let’s see this in detail.

Ball pen is the best and most convenient pen we have ever discovered. You can write with it immediately after taking it out of your pocket. You don’t have to dip it in ink or refill it. It also writes continuously. Therefore people loved it.

And the mind blowing fact is ball pens actually made more expensive than fountain pens. Still they sell cheaper than fountain pens.

It happens because people demand ball pens in way larger quantities. Sometimes companies make use and throw ball pens. People can’t refill then therefore they have to throw it out and buy a new one.

Therefore people demand ball pens in very large quantities. Therefore the companies get a privilege to buy raw materials in mass quantities, and it saves them a lot of money.

And that’s called the economy of scale.

Why is fountain pen expensive?
Why is fountain pen expensive?

When companies produce the product on a larger scale they save a lot of money in raw material. Therefore they can sell products at much cheaper rates.

Companies can do it because of higher demand for ball pens. But in reality ball pens made much more expensive than fountain pens.

Think about it, a fountain pen nib is practically just stamped out and cut and just lays it on the feed. A ballpoint nib has to be molded, and you have to put in a tiny metal ball inside, then fit the cartridge into that assembly, make sure it’s not gonna leak. Just think of the complexity of making a ballpoint pen, but still it’s cheaper.

If you think about it, a fountain pen is mostly a stamp/mold out affair that you can assemble and disassemble by hand, which means the components are dead simple. 

You can’t even fully disassemble a ballpoint cartridge and nib without destroying the pen. But yet it’s cheaper.

Because companies get to use the privilege of economy of scale. On other hand fountain pens are reusable. And people demand them on a smaller scale. 

Therefore even if companies make them on a larger scale, it will take them months and years to sell them. 

2. Using Good Quality Metals.

Beside the economy of scale, some brands use good quality metals. And it makes their manufacturing expensive.

They’re just premium brands, they do this to produce good quality products. And therefore generally their products are expensive.

And a product like fountain pens, which you’re gonna buy only one time. And use it for years and years. Anyone can think of getting a good quality pen for use. It’s a good idea! Therefore fountain pens are becoming expensive, but they are worth it in this type of situation. 

3. Some Brands Make All Their Pens By Hand.

Why is fountain pen expensive?
Why is fountain pen expensive?

And there comes a luxury brand. Some bands choose to hand make their product. And it makes fountain pens more valuable.

Some people are ready to spend more money on handmade products. These brands usually hire professional artists who know everything about making best fountain pens.

The balance of the pen, dynamics, nibs and their quality, as well as the design of the pens. Not just because they are the perfect kind of pens, but also because they are made in very limited amount. They are rare to find.

Therefore fountain pens get expensive. 

4. Premium and Luxury Pens.

The fourth reason is because of premium and luxury brands. Some brands have the reputation and value of their logo and branding. Therefore they charge more money than usual.

It’s like Gucci and Zara charging extra money for luxury products. The design and model can also make fountain pens expensive. And sometimes it is hard to find certain pens, therefore people collect them.

And it became a collective item. Therefore it also increases the price of fountain pens and makes them more expensive.

5. Supply of Fountain Pens.

As I said earlier, the demand for fountain pens is very low. Therefore not a lot of companies are interested in making them. It creates monopoly. And because of less competition and demand companies have to sell them at higher prices.

Because imagine, suppose your company has 100 employees. From manager to factory workers. You have to give them a salary no matter what.

So if you sell only 1000 pens per month then you have to make enough margin to give them all a salary plus your profit is different. But if you’re selling the 10,000 pens, it will do the job in less margin. You are able to manage their salary in less margin. 

So the less they sell the more they have to make margins, otherwise they will go into loss. And become bankrupt. 

Therefore it brings up the cost of fountain pens. And fountain pens become expensive.

Are Fountain Pens Really Worth It? 

Are Fountain Pens Really Worth It?
Are Fountain Pens Really Worth It?

Are Fountain Pens Really Worth It? Fountain Pens are actually worth it then our regular pens. Because it’s very sturdier and longer lasting than the pens many use in daily life. It also feels premium to write with. And make an impact on the person in front of us.

So we can easily say, fountain pens are worth it. If you are thinking about getting fountain pens for daily writing or office work. Then I will surely suggest it.

Because it nt just looks and performs good but it also boosts our confidence while working. You surely need to get one for yourself.it’s worth it.

And it performs much better then other regular pens.

Now the one more question, Is an expensive fountain pen worth it compared to a really cheap one?

The answer is, Depends on what you mean by expensive. A $3000 pen is no better than a $900 pen. And a $900 pen may or may not be better than a $400 pen. While a $400 pen is generally superior to a $150 pen.

And if you want a pen for long term use. And you’re going to use it for years and years. Then I will suggest that you buy a pen that is a little expensive but a good build quality. 

In this way it will last you for many years. Cheaper regular pens can’t make it there. And it’s scarier to use a $3000 USD pen for regular use. Therefore try to get a $150- $300 pen.

Do Expensive Fountain Pens Write Better? 

Do expensive fountain pens write better?
Do expensive fountain pens write better?

There is no difference in writing quality of expensive fountain pens and luxury fountain pens. But sure it is in cheaper fountain pens and expensive fountain pens. a $400 fountain pen generally writes better than $150 pens.

And it’s worth it to buy more expensive fountain pens, because they are more durable and elegant. They also write better and their nibs are usually high quality.

But buying a $3000 luxury fountain pen is not any better than $400 expensive pens. It’s more like a beautiful showpiece which you’ll be scared to write with.

But I am not saying it’s bad. It can always be a good choice if you love fountain pens. But this decision is up to you. 

Expensive pens which cost $400 are usually better than cheaper pens which you can buy for under $100. But going expensive then that will not make much drastic difference for writing. That’s it.

But it can be more durable, delicate and looks amazing. So the choice is up to you now.

Why Are Fountain Pens Better Than Ballpoint Pens?

Why are fountain pens better than ballpoint pens?
Why are fountain pens better than ballpoint pens?

Fountain pens use liquid ink with more water content. Ball point pens use a thicker paste like oil based ink. Very less water content. The more water content ink has the more it writes easily. And it requires less pressure to write. 

A properly tuned fountain pen writes under its own weight as it’s basically a controlled leak. There is no need to apply any pressure.

Fountain pens are a blessing of engineering and the speed of a fountain pen is much closer to the speed of your thoughts. Ball pens write much faster than you can think- which can be good or bad depending on you.

Fountain pens force you to slow down in a fast paced world and give one a sense of fulfillment. And on the other side fountain pens make you hurry. Therefore your thoughts don’t get enough time to bloom. (this is all taught in our school.)

And therefore it is always best to use a fountain pen for school or essays. Our teachers used to suggest this. Because it gives us perfect time to write and think. Besides just writing in better quality.

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