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Is calligraphy useful? Do you want to know is calligraphy useful skill? Is calligraphy useful for us? In this article we talked briefly about it.

Is Calligraphy useful? Calligraphy is very useful. It has a lot of practical uses in our life. It is very beneficial and helpful for us. It is very useful for us in various ways. Following are the uses of calligraphy.

Is Calligraphy a Useful Skill?

Calligraphy is definitely very useful. It is useful for us in various different ways. It is beneficial to us a lot, and very helpful to us.

Calligraphy has various uses for us. Calligraphy is useful for increasing our vocabulary. It is very relaxing and meditation. We can use it as a meditation. It helps to improve our focus level. In that way it is also very useful for reducing stress.

Many people use it as a stress buster. Also it helps to boost our creativity. Many creative people use it as not just an art, but also to increase creativity. 

So it is the best and practical way to boost creativity. Also it helps us in many different ways, like improving our body posture, self-development, and knowing other languages and culture. 

Calligraphy is very useful for improving our physical and mental health. It is also useful for making money. Also as a career it is very beneficial. 

I would say not just in the calligraphy field, but it is a great advantage to have a creative, beautiful and artistic skill on your resume. 

There are many more benefits of calligraphy. Calligraphy helps you in various different ways. To get more information about benefits of calligraphy you can visit this article- 13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy

9 Uses of Calligraphy

There are a lot of uses for calligraphy. It helps us in many different ways. Here I created a list of 9 different uses of calligraphy. 

Following are 9 uses of calligraphy- 

1. Calligraphy is Very Useful for Increasing Your Vocabulary.

Calligraphy is very useful for improving vocabulary and language of knowledge. Lot of people use calligraphy to improve their vocabulary, it is a fun and artistic way of learning a new language. And also get more knowledge about your own language.

It is very fun and informative as well. We get to know a lot of new things about the language and words. If we go a little deeper we get to know about the origin of specific words and also their history.

We get to know about the history and origin of the languages and their vocabulary. If you like literature and knowing different languages, it is the best way to gather more information about those. 

I will also suggest that you can use calligraphy for expanding vocabulary and learning new languages. Learning sometimes by writing it practically on paper is the best way. When you learn something by writing it on paper, it helps you to remember it. And it makes learning easier and faster.

So calligraphy is very useful for explaining vocabulary and learning new languages.

2. Calligraphy is Very Useful for Meditating and Relaxing.

The second and most popular uses of calligraphy is for meditating and relaxing. This is the most common use of calligraphy. It helps a lot of people. Calligraphy is the best way to meditate and relax.

It helps you to calm your mind and take a peaceful breath. 

It takes you out from our busy lifestyle and work, gives you a moment for yourself. It is the best thing about calligraphy.

Many people use calligraphy for relaxing because they say it’s very satisfying to watch. There are tons of videos all over the internet about satisfying calligraphy.

People watch videos of other people doing beautiful calligraphy. And it helps them to relax.

Even the people who are not into calligraphy watch satisfying calligraphy videos to get relaxed. There are millions of videos and billions of views on them. 

So it is an obvious use of calligraphy. Doing calligraphy not just helps to get relaxed but also helps to increase focus level. So doing calligraphy is worth it. Also by this sentence I remember our article on Is Calligraphy Actually Worth Learning?. you can read it to get information about is calligraphy worth it?

3. Calligraphy is Useful for Improving Your Body Posture.

Calligraphy is very useful for improving our health. When you sit properly for writing calligraphy, it improves your body posture.

Good body posture has a lot of benefits. It helps your digestive system. It boosts your confidence. Also it not just helps you to look better but also helps your body function better as you age.

So we can see there are a lot of health related benefits of calligraphy. It is very helpful and beneficial for your health. So you can use calligraphy for improving your health. Also calligraphy is very useful for getting disciplined.

4. Calligraphy is also Useful for Self-development.

That brings us to our next point, calligraphy is very useful for self-development. Calligraphy is really very beneficial and useful for self-development. You can use calligraphy for self-development.

Calligraphy boosts our confidence. It also improves our focus level. It is very useful for us to get disciplined. And also it increases our creativity. Hence it helps a lot for self-development. 

Many people use calligraphy for self-development. It is a creative and relaxing way of doing it. It also improves our handwriting and control over our hand. 

Also as you know it develops your language skills and vocabulary. So calligraphy is the best way of self-development.

5. Calligraphy is Useful for Improving Creativity.

Calligraphy is useful for improving creativity. In calligraphy you get to see other artists and languages, their culture and styles. Your creative eye gets broader and more ideas come to your mind.

Seeing other cultures, styles, and how they change by time will boost your thinking. You get to know about different cultures, their mythology, words and core values. It will also give you more ideas. And trust me if you get into it once, you just got drowning in it deeper and deeper.

Seeing and understanding other religions, their literature, culture and vocabulary will help you a lot in the creative field.

I personally experienced it a lot, I (Sujal) belong to a creative field of filmmaking. And knowing different religions, cultures and their literature helps me a lot by providing ideas and suggestions. It not just helps me creatively but also helps me to make my art alive and lifelike.

It is really very beneficial for increasing creativity. Also you are the most creative when you practically write on a paper. So sitting properly and practically writing on a paper definitely increases you creatively.

So if you also belong to the creative field or not you can use calligraphy for increasing creativity.writing practically on a paper boosts your creativity.

6. Calligraphy is Useful for Making Money.

Calligraphy is very useful for making money. You can either  make a whole career in calligraphy or just can earn a few extra bucks from it.

No matter where you want to take it, it has lot of potential in it. Either you can make a whole career in it or be able to earn a little extra money on every sunday morning, by waking up 2 hours early before kids.

If you want you can get a job in calligraphy. Or become a freelancer. You are also able to create a business in it. Or you can take it as a profession. There is a lot of demand in calligraphy. Or if you don’t want to, you can just do some art works for other people by managing time from your daily job.

You can wake up 2 hour early before kids and complete calligraphy artworks. Or on a weekend when you have time you can finish it. And  by this way you are able to manage your work and hobby by earning money from it.

So you can use calligraphy as a source of income source. It’s a great way to earn money from doing what you love.

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7. Calligraphy Helps People to Get Connected.

Our 7th point is that Calligraphy is very useful for connecting with other people. You can connect with other people from calligraphy.

When you write something with your hand, it is very special. And it has a touch of you and is unique in the world. And what could be the best gift for someone other than that?

When you give someone a hand written card, which was written by you. It has your style, design, touch and your words. It always impacts better than artificial and machine made cards. 

So it is the best gift  from someone. Also it is not really expensive, so you can save a little money from it. This is the best gift which impacts more for the reader and isn’t so expensive. So you can save a lot of money by just gifting DIY calligraphy stuff.

But beside that point it is a great way to connect with people. It makes them feel special. Therefore, calligraphy is the best way to connect more deeply with people.

8. Calligraphy is Useful for Knowing Other Cultures and Religions.

As I mentioned above, calligraphy is very useful for learning about other cultures and religions. It is the best way to know and get information about different cultures and religions.

And as I said before, it is very beneficial to have knowledge about different religions and cultures. Also it boosts our creativity a lot.

Knowing about different cultures, religions and their literature will help you a lot. In terms of ideas and creativity.

It is a very fun and interesting practice to learn about different religions and cultures. You get to know a lot of new things. Knowing about different culture’s literature, mythology, beliefs, it’s style and how it changes over time is very interesting.

If you are also a curious person it is very fun for you. You get to learn about different cultures and religion’s core values and beliefs in a creative and artistic way.

9. Calligraphy is Useful for Your Entertainment and Stress Relieving.

Our last on this list but not list point is calligraphy is very useful for stress relieving. You can use calligraphy for entertainment and stress relieving.

There are millions of people in the world who don’t do calligraphy but they love to watch it. It is very satisfying and relaxing to watch calligraphy. 

Also doing it is very stress relieving and relaxing. You can use calligraphy as a hobby. If you truly love calligraphy as a hobby you can also use it as a hobby. It is not necessary to use it as a career or mankind money.

But imagine after a day full of stress or a week when you come home and sit on a table doing calligraphy, it will relax your mind and fill you again with energy. Imagine how lovely it would be.

So you can just use calligraphy for your own pleasure. It will definitely give you a lot of happiness and pleasure. So those are the 9 different uses of calligraphy.

Conclusion- Is Calligraphy Useful?

Calligraphy is very useful for us. It has various different uses. Above are the 9 different uses of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is very useful for connecting people with each other. Also it is very useful for knowing about different languages, culture and religion. It is very interesting and fun to learn about different languages.

Also calligraphy is very good for self-development. You can also use calligraphy to make money from it. You can do a lot of different ways for that.

Also you can use calligraphy for boosting your creativity, focus level and confidence. It also helps to improve our health a lot.

Or the best thing is you can use calligraphy for your own happiness. You can just follow it as a hobby. It will help you to reduce stress and worries.

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