What are the all uses of Calligraphy?

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What is Calligraphy Used For? What is the point of Calligraphy? What can you do with calligraphy? What is people use calligraphy for? What are all the uses of Calligraphy? Let’s see all uses of calligraphy in this article.

What is calligraphy used for? Calligraphy is used for a lot of things. Calligraphy is used for various purposes from writing inscriptions to designing logos and fonts. You can earn money and make a career in it. It is also used for relaxation and meditation.

We mentioned all of the uses of calligraphy in the sub-heading below. You can click here to directly see these- Top 12 Things calligraphy is used for- InkSmooth

What is the Point of Calligraphy?

What is the Point of Calligraphy? The main purpose of calligraphy is to present text beautifully and in an appealing format. Calligraphy was invented to make text more attractive and impressive. It also gives you the ability to show and express your feelings creatively.

Top 12 Things Calligraphy is Used for-

1. Writing Inscriptions

Use of calligraphy for Inscriptions
Use of calligraphy for Inscriptions

In the very beginning when calligraphy was not even completely invented. People used to use calligraphy for making Inscriptions.

Calligraphy itself is invented for presenting the text beautifully and attractively. So it’s very obvious that it gets quickly used for writing inscriptions. In very early days people utilized calligraphy a lot for writing inscriptions.

Also as well as the religious arts/ books. Islamic religion specially adopt calligraphy for most of their religious writings. They have a very special and respected place for calligraphy in their religion.

As well as in today’s date we can use calligraphy for inscriptions in digital and vector form. People actually use calligraphy for digital writing and vector designs.

Use of calligraphy for Vector Inscriptions
Use of calligraphy for Vector Inscriptions

Nowadays calligraphy is utilized in digital format also. Therefore people use calligraphy for making logos, digital artworks, brochures, inventions, wedding cards, wedding invitations. And any type of artist writing to make it attractive and to catch people’s attention.

Inscriptions means writing. So since old ages when people used to write on stones, walls, coins, etc. Calligraphy is used there a lot.

Then the paper gets invented. And in the paper era people also do calligraphy on paper to make the text attractive.

And from then to this digital era. People still use calligraphy a lot for making writing attractive.

Just the format got changed but the use of calligraphy still remains the same. Instead it gained a lot of popularity and more and more people are using it.

2. Make Money From Calligraphy

Another great use of calligraphy is to make money from it. People these days use calligraphy a lot to make a living on it. And they are doing very well in it.

In today’s generation because of globalization and the internet. World is opened up a lot. And the career options also.

In today’s date you can make a career in any industry. You just have to be capable enough. People these days earn millions by selling just leather wallets, belts, pens, inks, paper. The world has changed a lot. Nothing remains small now.

You can make a career in literally anything with the right mindset. So similarly you can make a career in calligraphy very easily.

And therefore people who love to do calligraphy tend more and more to make a career in calligraphy. So that they can earn money and make a living on it by doing what they love. 

And it’s actually a very great thought. And if you are still questioning  whether it is possible or not. Then yes, it’s actually possible to earn millions from calligraphy with the right mindset. If you are interested to know about this in detail, then you should want to check this article from inksmooth- 10 Realistic Ways to Earn Money From Calligraphy- Inksmooth

In this article I shared very important and ground level information about career in calligraphy. I included the best possible ways to earn money from calligraphy and their pros and cons.

I made a table so it’s easy to read quickly and understand the pros and cons. This is the best article you can find on ways to earn money from calligraphy.

So moving forward, people use calligraphy to earn money. And make living on it. So they can earn money from doing what they love the most. Therefore it became easy for them to work hours and hours without getting burned out.

3. You Can Use Calligraphy For Brand Building

You can use calligraphy for marketing of your brand. Calligraphy leaves a great impact on your brand to your audience. Therefore a lot of big brands also use calligraphy in their brand building.

For example nike did a collaboration with calligraphy artist Loca Barcellona for their ad camping ‘game changer’.

Calligraphy helps brands to maintain their style and reputation. Also make the brand look expensive. And it’s very important for big brands.

As well as it helps to catch the attention of the public. Thus helping the publicity for the brand.

The best example is the Cola-Cola brand. Their logo and packaging is inspired by calligraphy. And now it’s becoming their brand identity. To create this special brand identity,  brands use calligraphy a lot.

Let’s see the breakdown of all the things we can use calligraphy to helping brand Building- 

  • Packaging
  • Advertisement
  • Logo Design

Now let’s see them in detailed-


As we mentioned, it’s important for brands to look expensive and stylish. So they can charge you more money for the same product. Also the buyer feels good and special because of it.

Therefore a lot of brands use calligraphy to make their packaging stylish and attractive. It also establishes the brand identity. And it helps to collect loyal customers.


Brands specially use calligraphy for Advertisements. Because it helps attract customers. And calligraphy easily catches peoples attention.

They use calligraphy in every advertising format. From all the way newspaper advertisements, Commercials, banners, holdings, posters, brochures, etc.

Calligraphy helps brands a lot to catch people’s attention. Nike used calligraphy for their ad campaign “Game Changer”.

Luca Barcellona Doing Calligraphy for Nike
Luca Barcellona Doing Calligraphy for Nike

So similar that brands use calligraphy for advertising. And it works very well. Because calligraphy is a handmade thing. People feel extra connection and hand touch to it.

Therefore it works better than any other advertising. And a lot of brands use it for effective communication with the audience. And it helps companies to attract loyal customers..

Logo Design

Brands often use calligraphy for their logo and designs. The biggest example of this is Coca-Cola Brand. Their logo has become their brand identity now.

Coca Cola Logo
Coca Cola Logo

Doing this back in the days was very impressive. When Coca-Cola was released on May 8, 1886. We are not yet capable of doing graphics and designs. And there are not a lot of forms for brand building and marketing. 

And even in that time coca cola still managed to make their brand reputation with their unique bottle and calligraphy design/packaging/logo. And it’s really very impressive.

So calligraphy can be highly utilized for brand building. You can make a very strong impact on your audience with the help of calligraphy in various ways.

You can use calligraphy for advertising of your brand. As well as to create a brand identity and personality. Also in designs, portfolios, logos, signage board of your brands. 

4. Relaxing And Meditation

Use of calligraphy for Relaxing
Use of calligraphy for Relaxing

The other best use of calligraphy is relaxing and meditation. Calligraphy is very satisfying and it reduces our stress. Therefore a lot of people use it for having fun.

And they enjoy doing it. It is very stress relieving as well as you can do it for meditation purposes. Sujal from mindfulpure.com says that, “meditation is not just going into a cave and breathing. It’s more like focus on breathing or any kind of work.” There is a type of meditation where people stand on one leg and try to focus on the other leg.

My point is, meditation is all about focus. In Sanskrit (Ancient Indian Language, where yoga actually invented) a phase exists. Which is “Karam me kushalta yog hai.” which means the focus and proficiency of work is Meditation. 

Pranayama which means meditation is all about bringing focus to one direction and uplifting it. In simple language, I am from india. And I am very interested in these kinds of things. So I read about these things a lot in my childhood. Therefore I have a great knowledge regarding this.

Uses of calligraphy
Uses of Calligraphy

So just trust me, that focusing on any work and doing it better and better is mediation. You don’t necessarily have to sit properly and want a suitable peaceful environment. 

If you want to understand more, Even in meditation we sit properly and focus on breathing. So focus is most important here. You can focus on any object or work. It still benefits you. Example- Tratak meditation (Candle meditation)

So calligraphy can be very fun mediation practice. And it also has a relaxing nature to it, so it’s very beneficial for your brain. It can help you to reduce your stress level.

Therefore a lot of people do it as a hobby for fun. And it’s very relaxing to them. They love to do calligraphy as a fun hobby. 

5. Making Religious Artworks And Writings.

Use of calligraphy for Religious Artworks
Use of calligraphy for Religious Artworks

Making is used for a lot of religious writing and artworks. Lot of religious has very great respect for calligraphy. And calligraphy is considered their part of religion.

It’s mixed with their culture and now it’s part of it. They have very strict rules and regulations for their calligraphy.

Because calligraphy is very very old. It is mentioned in a lot of writings in religions. In that time they have one one option to make writing valuable. They took help of calligraphy to show obey and respect towards their religious writing. They believe it makes it beautiful and valuable.

 Also in that time it is very obvious to use calligraphy in artworks. Therefore a lot of ancient religions and countries took advantage of this precious art form. 

Chinese culture, Japanese culture, Arabic Culture, Indian Culture are very greatly inspired by calligraphy. And they have used calligraphy a lot since the beginning of their culture.

6. Giving Artistic Touch to Books

Use of calligraphy in Books
Use of calligraphy in Books

Calligraphy is used so much for giving books a great look. And it’s very obvious because it’s the main purpose of calligraphy, to make text attractive and beautiful. 

From all the in history to nowadays people use calligraphy to make books more appealing to read. It is used for design book covers and actual content in it.

And it’s worth it to do so. It gives the book an artistic touch and helps to look better rather than looking like a wall of text. And makes the reader’s experience 10X better.

As well as it helps to sell books. Therefore calligraphy is used for giving books amazing looks.

And it’s been going on since ancient times. I swear calligraphy is so mixed with human’s life.

7. You Can Use Calligraphy to Express Your Feelings.

Calligraphy is one of the best ways to express your feelings. Because when we express our feelings by writing it with our own hands. It makes them so much special and precious. 

It adds so much value to each other. And it makes the receiver feel special. And it can make anyone’s day.

I still remember my friend using calligraphy to express his feelings even in this modern world. And I am telling you it’s damn impactful. It makes a huge and strong impact and makes people feel so much special.

Therefore, using calligraphy to express your feelings towards someone will definitely be more special.  I can say it’s one of the best uses of calligraphy for every human being.

And it’s very cheap also 😂. You can always use calligraphy to express all your feelings. Whether it’s sorrow, joy, love, regret, anything.

What could be more impactful and special, sorry on text message or a Sorry Card? The answer is obvious the physical sorry card will impress more. So it’s safe to say using calligraphy makes a huge difference. 

8. You Can Use Calligraphy to Make an Impression

So our above point took us on this point also. Because calligraphy is a very emotional and physical thing to do, therefore its importance is more. You can use calligraphy to make a good impression towards others.

No one can ignore a beautiful envelope with beautiful text on it. Where you wrote your feelings by hand. Damn! It is very impactful and special. 

You can use calligraphy to impress others and make them feel special. As well as it draws attention to you also. It can help you to make your own impression in public.

Even if there is a lot of stuff and gifts, people will definitely notice you handwriting beautiful birthday cards. And that’s the key point here.

This makes calligraphy a important art. It helps you to stand out from others. Imagine after your interview, sending a thank you note to the interviewer in a neatly calligraphed envelope. The recipient won’t forget you soon, and they’ll be definitely impressed by your attention to detail!

9. Calligraphy Can You to Achieve Life Balance

As we saw above, calligraphy helps you in almost every aspect of life. It can help you to reduce stress levels. As well as it can help you to make your own impression in a crowd.

Also it can help you to make someone feel special. It has a lot of uses and benefits, so it can help you in various ways to balance your life.

Especially in the US and many other countries, People have a “workaholic” mentality. There is constant pressure to achieve a lot of things. And give more of ourselves to our work than our own health. Perhaps this is healthy at all. 

If you enjoy creating calligraphy, dedicating your time to the art can help you to counter-balance that pressure. And make you feel relief.

Also it gives you a break from life’s rush and hustle. And gives time to you to actually relax from mentally. Therefore calligraphy can help you to achieve a balanced life.

10. You Can Use Calligraphy to Save Money by Making DIY Calligraphy Gifts

Use of Calligraphy for making DIY gifts
Use of Calligraphy for making DIY gifts

You can use calligraphy to save your lot of money by making DIY calligraphy gifts. You can make your own calligraphy gift and give them to all of the functions. Like in birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, etc. 

You can really save a lot of money without hurting anybody. Because a handmade calligraphy gift is also very valuable and precious. It even makes them feel special and loved.

So it doesn’t feel cheap or something. Also saves you a lot of money. Actually I do believe that a handmade gift is way more valuable than any other store-bought gift.

It tells that the giver spent time, energy, and thought to make me something — which is always more precious than money. 

Next time you want to give someone a gift, consider something meaningful that involves calligraphy!

11. Calligraphy Can Be Used for Personal Development

Use of calligraphy for Personal Development
Use of calligraphy for Personal Development

Calligraphy can be used for personal development because of the following reasons.

  • It is meditative. It calms you down like at a retreat as you spend time writing each letter one at a time.
  • It is satisfying. You create a project, show your friends, and receive good vibes from creating something beautiful.
  • It’s an outlet for love. You can create unique gifts for others based on your skills.
  • It fosters patience. It takes time to create really good letters and projects based on them. It requires much repetitive practice, and in that way you learn patience, both in calligraphy and in life.
  • It builds creativity. You always want to try the lettering a bit different — a different color, slant, angle, size, or whatever.
  • It builds community. Eventually you want to seek out others who are interested in calligraphy and you join a community, either online or in a local guild. Then you learn from one another and get better feedback.
  • It builds growth in a person. Some people find that calligraphy is their main thing in life and it becomes part of their identity. They gain confidence as their skills mature.
  • It unwinds and relaxes your mind. It’s a great hobby / activity to relax and unwind your mind. It helps you to think about life from a better perspective. It cuts down all the distractions. And help you to focus better, as well as relaxes your mind.

12. You Can Use Calligraphy Skills to Design a Unique Tattoos

Use of Calligraphy Skill for creating unique tattoo designs
Use of Calligraphy Skill for creating unique tattoo designs

You can use your calligraphy and designing skills to create a unique and own tattoo design. Imagine it’s your own idea and design, wouldn’t it be a great idea? 

A tattoo that tells your story with your own design/ lettering. It would be a great advantage that you can utilize for getting your own and unique tattoo.

So it could be another great use of calligraphy art!

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