Calligraphy as a Profession?

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Is Calligraphy a Good Profession? Is calligraphy lucrative? (producing a great profit.) Is there a degree for calligraphy? Careers in calligraphy? Are calligraphers in demand? We are going to see all of those question’s answers in this article.

Calligraphy as a Profession? Calligraphy is very great and expensive profession. You can make good money from doing calligraphy. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree for it. Your skill and experience is more important. You get to work flexibly in this profession. Overall it’s very great profession, if you love doing it.

In the sub-heading below we talked in detail about calligraphy as a profession. And covered other important questions also. And mainly we calculated how much money we can exactly make from calligraphy. We personally asked and collected numbers from calligraphers who have been working for 30-40 years. We personally did math for it. And compared it with the information on the internet with proof.

Calligraphy as a Profession

Calligraphy is really a great profession to choose. There are a lot of benefits and advantages for a career in calligraphy.

Also it’s a very good paying job. If you love doing calligraphy, it’s a very great field to make a career in. If you love doing calligraphy, it’s the best choice for you.

You don’t necessarily have to have a degree in it. Also the work is very flexible. And it has a good amount of money.

If you want to know how much a calligrapher earns? or how much he gets paid? We have an article explaining everything deeply. – Is Calligraphy Expensive? Why is Calligraphy Expensive?

This article also gives you information about why calligraphy is an expensive profession? And also the exact numbers for how much you will get paid or get in salary.

An average calligrapher in the United States makes about $64,490 USD per year.  If we divide it into salary, it comes to $5000 USD per month, and a calligrapher on average earns $30 to $40 per hour.

So financial wise calligraphy is a very good paying job. If you have good skills and experience you can earn very well in the calligraphy profession. (to give you a clear idea, an average person in the USA earns $51,916 USD per year. So calligraphy is an above average paying job.)

So it is completely worth it to look at calligraphy as a profession. And there are a lot of scopes in the calligraphy field. I would recommend you to see our this article for more information about calligraphy career and opportunities.- 14 Reasons Calligraphy is a Good Career

In this article we discussed opportunities in calligraphy and why calligraphy is a good Career.

And if you want to look at calligraphy as a career but are scared about whether it is safe or not. Or If you are not sure about is calligraphy going to stay or a dying Art? Then you can check our this article- Is Calligraphy a Dying Art?

This article will clear your doubt about whether it is safe to look at calligraphy as a career. And will it be worth it?

For now the short summary is, calligraphy is not a dying art. It will not vanish for decades and centuries. And demand for calligraphy is rising constantly. So you don’t have to worry about demand declining. and it’s completely safe.

So it definitely makes sense to look at calligraphy as a profession and career. It will not harm you. And also you can check the article for detailed information.

What is the Job of a Calligrapher?

The person who does the calligraphy is called a calligrapher. The calligrapher write specialize handwriting with a variety of special tools and Ink.

The job of a calligrapher is to write beautiful words and alphabets with a special type of tool with ink. 

And if you want to know what is the work of a calligrapher at a job place, so the job of calligrapher is deferred by the companies and post he is hired for.

If you get hired as a calligraphy teacher your work is teaching calligraphy to your students. If you are hired as a calligraphy artist, your  work will be creating calligraphy art pieces and artworks.

But the main thing you have to keep in mind is, your skill and experience is common in all of them. You will get hired for the work you are eligible for. And the person will inform you everything about work.

So if you are confused or scared about a calligraphy job, don’t worry. It’s not that complicated.

For example: If you are a calligrapher you may get a post as a calligraphy artist or designer, calligraphy teacher, typography, Media and advertising.

In all of them you just have to use your calligraphy skills and experience. E.g. If you are a calligraphy teacher you have to teach students your calligraphy skills. If you are a calligraphy artist, you have to make calligraphy artworks with your skills and experience.

And if you are in media & advertising you have to make attractive looking designs for advertising and brand building.

So your calligraphy skill, experience and designing sense is most important in your job. (therefore you’re getting hired, obviously. So don’t  worry.)

Is There a Degree for Calligraphy?

There are degrees available for calligraphy. And the majority of the people who are interested in calligraphy choose to get a degree in fine arts degree. But you don’t necessarily need to get a degree for calligraphy. You can get help from calligraphy class or self taught calligraphy yourself.

There are some degrees available for calligraphy. Especially for Arabic calligraphy, there are separate colleges and you can get education from them. And I am sure there are a lot of other colleges who offer a degree for calligraphy.

If you really want to go deep into calligraphy college. And where are they located? I can not list them here, because the list will become so big and a lot of people are from different countries. 

But I have the best solution for all of you. Search on google for colleges who offer courses for calligraphy. It will show you nearby results and also from all over your county.

And you can also join professional courses or programs if you really want to learn calligraphy professionally. These will be the best alternatives if you can’t go to college. But the disadvantage is you will not have a degree certificate. But possibly will have more knowledge about calligraphy.

You can join a professional course on the internet. It will actually be beneficial for learning, but the only thing is you will not have a degree.

You can check out the paid course on udemy and skillshare. Here are the links for them- Online Calligraphy Classes on skillshare, Calligraphy Courses on udemy.

If you really want to learn calligraphy with professional courses, those online calligraphy classes really are the best. But first do some research for the best course before enrolling in any of them.

Can You Make a Living From Calligraphy?

You can easily make a living from calligraphy. Calligraphy is a good paying art field. There are a lot of opportunities and money in calligraphy, if you has the skills. Even for one envelope you can charge $2 to $5. Or get paid $30 per hour. 

So you can easily estimate how much money you can make in Calligraphy.

Calligraphy is a great art field. It requires so much effort and dedication to learn the calligraphy skills.

It took 12 months for an average person to be an expert in Calligraphy. Also it’s a valuable and old art form. A person needs to be dedicated to Calligraphy. Therefore you can charge high amounts to your client.

Calligraphy is a profession, the artist has to have deep knowledge about his work.

You can check out this article for more information about why calligraphy is a good paying profession.- Is Calligraphy Expensive? Why is Calligraphy Expensive?

If you want to know ground level information and exact numbers: Then the Calligraphy is an art field. It’s subject as well as good paying. Even if you find some customers per month on freelance you can make a living from it. You just have to work well enough.

And if you want to get a job, you can start your job with $30USD per hour (depending your country)

As well as you can showcase your work on social media. Also attract customers from there. You can also Make custom artworks and get paid well enough. Or start your online business.

So Overall Calligraphy is an expensive profession. There are a lot of opportunities and liberty you can get if you choose it as a profession. 

And lastly, because of the good amount of money in Calligraphy and it’s an art field you can easily make a living from calligraphy. 

Can You be a Professional Calligrapher?

In order to be a professional calligrapher you have to put a lot of effort, time and dedication into Calligraphy. But once you are ready to take those efforts you can be a Professional Calligrapher. But it’s not going to be easy since you have to work hard to learn it and master it. 

It is possible to be a Professional Calligrapher. But you have to put in so much effort and work hard for it. 

You have to sit for hours and practice it for years to master it completely.

There is no specific degree requirement in it. You just want to have deep knowledge and practice followed by good experience in the calligraphy field.

If you haven’t started learning Calligraphy yet, and want to know about learning Calligraphy. Here is one article for you.- How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy?

This article will guide you from very beginning to end. It has a very effective step by step process for learning Calligraphy fast. We can call it a secret shortcut for mastering the art of Calligraphy. Also it has tips for learning for beginners.

And at the end it will provide you with every detail about it. Like how much does it take to learn one script (font). How much time does it take to master one script (font). And mainly how you can cut that time and make it faster.

So this article will help you perfect in every aspect. And help you to be a professional calligrapher in the fastest way.

Are Calligraphers in Demand?

Calligraphers are in demand, and the demand for them keeps rising. Calligraphy is an art field, it’s a creative profession. Person has to fully dedicated and has to practice for hours. Also there are lots of opportunities in Calligraphy field. Therefore there is a high demand for calligraphers. 

There are a lot of opportunities in the Calligraphy field. You can make a career in Calligraphy.

These days people love handmade things, artworks. In this modern era of technology people really adore the hand touch therefore the demand for calligraphy related work is keep rising.

You don’t have an option for humans in the Calligraphy field. You can not automate the process. You had to have a person sit and draw on a table. So there is a demand for Calligraphers.

Also it is a very ancient and beautiful art form. In order to learn it a person has to practice it for years and years daily. A person has to be very dedicated to calligraphy. Not so many people right now see this for a career.

Lot of people see calligraphy as a hobby, and a  stress relieving activity. 

So the demand for Calligraphers is quite good but there are not sufficient people for it. Therefore there is not much compilation for it. And the demand for Calligraphy is really high as well as calligraphers.

So in simple words demand for Calligraphers is quite high.

Is Calligraphy Lucrative?

Lucrative means producing a good amount of profit. Calligraphy is an expensive art. You can charge a good amount of money for calligraphy works. And make a good amount of profit from it. Therefore Calligraphy is lucrative.

Some people consider Calligraphy a good lucrative side hustle. Because they can earn a good amount of profit from doing calligraphy part time.

They do calligraphy side by side with their daily job. And get paid a good amount of money from it. Therefore they consider Calligraphy one of the best lucrative hustle. And it is.

You can charge your customer a good amount of money. Or get paid well enough per for doing Calligraphy. And earn a very good amount of profit from it. Therefore Calligraphy is lucrative.

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