Can Calligraphy be Self Taught? 

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Can you taught yourself calligraphy? Can you learn calligraphy by yourself? And if you then, how? Calligraphy where to start? Can you learn calligraphy at home? How long does it take to learn calligraphy by yourself? And can you make the process quick? What’s the easiest calligraphy to learn? Let’s talk about all these in this article.

Can calligraphy be self taught? You can learn calligraphy completely on your own. You can learn it by practicing it at home and gathering information from the internet. The most important thing is how often you practice it, and how much effort you put into learning it. There are a lot of people who learn calligraphy by themselves.

Read below for getting further information about Can calligraphy be self taught? And our best ever step by step process guide for picking the easiest calligraphy font to learn in the beginning.

Can Calligraphy be Self Taught? 

Calligraphy can be self taught. You can learn it on your own. Because there are not a lot of things you has to have guidance about or learn specially. The more important thing is how often you practice it.

Calligraphy is a skill based art. You just have to practice it more and more. And if you put these efforts into it you can learn calligraphy easily, there is no teacher required to teach.

Also because calligraphy is a skilled based art, there is no degree or education required in it. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree in it. So you don’t have to go and learn calligraphy somewhere.

Lot of calligraphers are mostly freelancers, professionals so there is no need for a degree. And even in a job your skills are more important, and if you mastered the skill of calligraphy there is no degree or education required.

There is not a lot of external information you have to gain in calligraphy. It’s more on the practice side. You just have to learn some limited factors in calligraphy. Like which nib you should want to use? How to dispose of calligraphy ink? Is the ink waterproof or permanent? Where to focus more while learning lettering? And some basic things to keep in mind. How should you pull the strokes perfectly? Which pen do you consider for calligraphy? 

So this kind of basic information you have to gain while learning calligraphy. And calligraphy blog websites like us provide more than enough information about this. So you don;t necessarily have to have a teacher or someone to guide you about all this. You can get all of the necessary information available on the internet.

You just have to seek it. You can also consider staying connected to our website, we regularly post these types of very informative posts dedicated to calligraphy. We have all of the information available on our website.

Can I Learn Calligraphy On My Own?

You can learn calligraphy on our own. In order to learn Calligraphy you have to practice more and more. Calligraphy is an art skill, there is practice more important than theoretical knowledge. If you are dedicated enough you can easily learn calligraphy on your own.

In calligrapher there is not much theoretical knowledge you have to gain. It’s just basic things like how to pull perfect strokes?, where to focus more? Which nib should you use? And how to handle it?

These types of basic things you can learn while practicing. Even if you don’t know these and just keep practicing you’ll be going to be perfect in it by yourself.

You just have to be very dedicated and practice for hours and hours. And if you  manage to put in that much effort, you will start noticing these little perfections and learn along the way.

So there is no need for someone to specifically tell you  everything. You can learn calligraphy on the way while practicing.

To give you a more clear explanation, there are some topics like engineering, coding. In these subjects there are a lot of things that exist, different types of machinery, codes, how they work, how to fix them, etc.

You didn’t know all these things in normal daily life. But topic such as calligraphy, we all know about it. It’s just beautiful writing on paper. We all learn to write words on paper with a pen since childhood. 

In our daily life everyone knows it. And there is no unknown or strange factor. It’s just practice and skill which makes you better than others.

So topics like coding and engineering you aren’t used to in normal life. But we all are used to writing on paper. And calligraphy has very few things to learn, So therefore you can learn calligraphy on your own. You just have to practice it very often.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Calligraphy?

It takes an average man 6 months to learn calligraphy. In 6 month an average man can learn 2-3 different scripts of Calligraphy. And at this point if you learn 3 different scripts perfectly, you can consider yourself a calligrapher.

To give you more numbers. It will take you 2 months to learn one script (font) of calligraphy, If you practice 2 hours daily. 

So in that sense if you practiced 2 hours daily with the special step by step we provide in one of our articles. You can properly learn one Calligraphy language easily. And if you repeat it 3 times you can learn 3 different languages in just 6 months, and can consider yourself a good calligrapher.

But only If you followed our specifically designed method. We designed the method specially to learn calligraphy as quickly as possible from the very beginning.

You can check out the method here- How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy? (Steps for learning Calligraphy Fast and Simple Way)

We found out the best approach to learn calligraphy as quickly as possible by brainstorming. And mentioned step by step in this article. It’s completely free and the best way to learn calligraphy quickly.

So if you are interested in learning calligraphy, not just quickly but effectively. You can check it out. It’s the best way to learn calligraphy. It not only helps you to learn it quickly but also helps you to learn it properly.

Till then, the summary is you can learn calligraphy in 6 months. And sometimes it takes 12 months to be an expert in Calligraphy. If you practiced it regularly for 2 hours. (It is all about practicing and putting the effort into it.)

What is the Easiest Calligraphy to Learn?

To be honest, the most important thing is the way you learn calligraphy. And also it depends on your personal choice. Every calligraphy language is easy enough to learn. If you put in the effort to learn it. learn carefully and in a proper way. But if you want one answer, it’s italic calligraphy.

You have to understand that there are different types of calligraphy that exist beside fonts. Font is one of the different factors in Calligraphy while making types.

It doesn’t mean the whole type, it’s one of the factors. Other types do exist like dip pen Calligraphy, brush calligraphy, broad nib calligraphy, nib pen calligraphy.

So other factors do exist in calligraphy like nib types and sizes.

And why I am telling you all this is because if you want to learn brush calligraphy then the properties of that brush calligraphy are very different.

Look at the example below. 

You can not write gothic calligraphy with a brush pen. And there are a lot of differences such as.

So don’t just categorize calligraphy with fonts, it also includes pen types, nib types and where you draw it.

I know if you are asking this question you are a complete beginner, don’t worry I am here to help you for picking the easiest font to learn at the beginning.

Follow this step by step process for picking easiest font to learn in the beginning- 

1. Firstly, Know Your Type.

Different people has a different choices and types. So first look at the images below. And select your type. Whether you want to go in broad nib calligraphy, brush pen calligraphy, dip pen calligraphy, or thin/normal nib calligraphy.

broad pen calligraphy reference (gothic style)
brush pen calligraphy reference
dip pen calligraphy reference

And just by looking at this you can easily select your type, which type suits you most. And don’t worry you can switch it later. They are just categories in calligraphy.

There is one way for selecting your calligraphy types. It’s not comparing it with your current handwriting. But just seeing those images and seeing which of these influence you more and connect with your personality.

like if you love aesthetic, messing and free vibes brush calligraphy is the best option. But if you don’t want that watery effect and uncertainty but yet you want freeness then a thin nib or dip pen is the best option.

So select the type which suits your personality and interests you. If you have interest in it, you are able to learn it faster.

2. Select Your Font According to Type.

Select your font according to your selected type.

The main reason I told you to select your type is because now you can easily select the font according to it.

There are thousands of fonts available in calligraphy, so it’s very hard to choose the easiest one, right? 

And also by looking at the images above you can easily tell that you can not do some particular fonts with particular pens.

Example, you can not do gothic font with brush pen calligraphy etc. 

Also now when you select the type that influences you and suits your personality better, means it interests you more. And now you are selecting the font according to your type. Therefore it will be similar to it and it makes your learning very easy and quick.

Here are few recommendation to help you selecting the font according  to types.-

  • Brush pen calligraphy- Cursive, brush lettering (you can pick any practice sheet you like)
  • Board-edge calligraphy- Gothic Script (Font), Roundhand
  • Thin nib calligraphy- Italic Script (Font)
  • Dip pen calligraphy- Penultimate

You don’t have to pick as it is. It’s just some suggestions from me to help you out. You can search on the internet for more.

There are lots available on the internet.

3. Start Practicing

Now when you select a specific font. The question might occur how to learn it. The easiest way is just buy or collect the required tools. Like pens, inks and paper.

Find the font online and start practicing it on the paper. Try to copy the alphabets. Use practice sheets. See some tutorials about it.

Try to lettering it, and give attention to the strokes.

In the overall learning process here is one article which can help you a lot. In this article we mention all the tips that most websites or videos never covered. These are all insider tips and very effective as well.

For the learning part this will help properly. 

Just go and focus on practice!!

How Do I Start Learning Calligraphy?

Follow the above step if you are a complete beginner. It is very important to choose the right font at the beginning. Because It will decide how much effort and time it will take to start.

The most important reason I told you to select your type, is because Some people find it easy to learn specific fonts and some find it a lot harder. This happens because all of us are very different, and has different tastes and liking.

If you love free vibes of brush calligraphy, it will suit you better. Hence you can learn it a lot easily.

But if you are very disciplined and your hand movements are very strict and straight then gothic (broad nib calligraphy) style suits you better and faster. If your hands are better at doing curves then the dip pen, thin nib pen calligraphy will suit you therefore you can learn it easily at the beginning. You are able to pull these strokes very easily.

So the first thing is interest and liking, second one is how much you are used to it and it  suits your personality. Those two things make a tremendous amount of difference while learning calligraphy on your own.

And how much time it will take you to learn the font.

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