Can Calligraphy Improve Handwriting?

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Can calligraphy improve handwriting? Do you want to know can calligraphy learning improve your handwriting? Does calligraphy improve your handwriting? In this article we answered that question.

Can Calligraphy Improve Handwriting? Calligraphy definitely improves your handwriting. There are various types of calligraphy but in all of them, we have to pay attention to letter spacing, writing slowly and currently, etc. therefore your handwriting gets improved.

Can Calligraphy Improve Handwriting?

Calligraphy does improve our handwriting. Majority of the people notice the positive difference in their handwriting.

In calligraphy we have to practice writing. Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. In calligraphy we pay attention to little details like spacing between letters, strokes and symmetry of letters, and much more.

We had to make muscle memory in order to do these things. And this muscle memory helps us in writing and our handwriting improves.

All those things happen subconsciously and we didn’t even notice in the beginning. We get used to writing carefully and perfectly and it results in good  handwriting.

We pay attention to pen placing, letter spacing, keeping the pen parallel, writing slowly, attention to strokes and individual letters, sitting properly while writing, and we try to be perfect every time.

All those things get combined with smooth and beautiful paper, hence giving us a beautiful piece of calligraphy art. And it  also applies to handwriting.

Those things help us while writing, and our handwriting gets better. Therefore calligraphy is very helpful to improve handwriting.

Also while doing calligraphy we learn to be focused while writing and giving more attention to it. It also plays an important role in our handwriting.

Can Calligraphy Improve your Handwriting?
Can Calligraphy Improve Handwriting?

My best tip is if your handwriting is bad, just give little focus and write with more attention. It will already improve your handwriting 40-50%, even if you don’t know much about anything and have no background of good writing.

So you can imagine how powerful focus and writing with more attention is. I personally admire it a lot on behalf of my own experience. I personally noticed the difference way back when I didn’t know much about good handwriting.

So this habit will also contribute to good handwriting. So  therefore we can say calligraphy can improve your handwriting.

But also I want to mention that some people say calligraphy does not improve handwriting. Also they give examples of themselves.

They say calligraphy is the art of alphabets, we draw strokes and make beautiful letters. Although there are very few people saying this and believing it. But I want to clear this myth.

Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. And first of all, calligraphy is not drawing. We have a separate article on explaining that here- Is Calligraphy Drawing? (4 Differences) you can read it for more information.

Yes, We draw strokes to make letters. But it’s more like writing and it helps in handwriting.

And let’s keep those things aside. There are plenty of other ways calligraphy helps us for better handwriting. I mentioned those in the list below. Following are the ways calligraphy helps us to improve handwriting.

Do you have to have Good Handwriting to Do Calligraphy?

you do not necessarily have to have good handwriting to do calligraphy. Even if your handwriting is worse, you can learn calligraphy. and do it beautifully. your handwriting doesn’t matter in calligraphy.

Instead, calligraphy improves your handwriting very much. and in this article i pointed these 7 main ways how calligraphy improves your handwriting. The following are all of them.

So if your handwriting is not so good or average, don’t worry. it will not affect your calligraphy skills at all. and won’t be in your way to learn calligraphy.

I have an article where I teach the best method to learn calligraphy, and it’s the fastest one. You can learn calligraphy in 2 months easily on your own at home, without any problem.

You can easily be a calligraphy master by following that method. and I included every detail. as well as provided tips to overcome all problems that you can face in the way. and it’s totally free. So check it out if you want to learn calligraphy as fast as possible. Here is the link- How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy?

7 Effective Ways Calligraphy Improve Handwriting.

Following are the 7 effective ways that calligraphy helps us to improve our handwriting.

1. Improving Focus and Attention Towards Writing.

Calligraphy improves our focus and teaches us to pay more attention while writing. And this is the  most important thing in writing. Although it does not seem like a big deal.

While writing if you just pay more attention and write  from the heart. It will improve your handwriting 40-50%. 

This is the most powerful tip you can ever get. Putting extra attention helps to write carefully and improve your handwriting.

Calligraphy teaches you to pay attention towards writing and little details. It helps a lot for good handwriting.

2. Teaching Perfect Letter Spacing.

Calligraphy teaches to pay attention and maintain the same spacing in letters. It makes them very even and beautiful.

Because of calligraphy you get into the habit of maintaining perfect and same spacing for every letter. And it helps a lot to improve handwriting.

In Order words to look beautiful they don’t just have to be beautiful or in fancy font. They also had to be even and symmetrical. Otherwise it just looks like an garbage of iphone!

So in order to look beautiful they have to clean and organize. And calligraphy teaches that habit to you. And in this way it helps you to achieve good handwriting.

3. Teaching Perfect Strokes.

Now when the organized part gets done we have to focus on looks. Calligraphy improves our lettering and teaches us to get perfect strokes.

After the organizing part we also have to decorate our letter. And guess what? Calligraphy also helps us in that. It teaches us to write beautiful letters.

Get get habit of writing perfect strokes and detailings. And it takes care of the rest of the part. By mastering those two elements (2nd and 3rd point) your handwriting gets 80-90% improved.

4. By Teaching the Manners of Writing Slowly.

In calligraphy we pay more attention. We write slowly and steadily. We also get used to writing slowly and steadily.

Calligraphy teaches us the manner of writing perfectly and slowly. When we rush while writing our handwriting gets worse.

And when we write slowly, it helps us to concentrate and results in better handwriting. So we can say when we write slowly our hand writing becomes better.

And in this way calligraphy helps us to improve handwriting.

5. Providing Better Control on Hand Movement.

When we do calligraphy we sit properly for good hand motion. Also practicing calligraphy helps us to increase control on our hands.

After hours of practicing and detailing our hand movement gets better. and we receive better control on our hands.

Also the best tip I can gave is, if you want to get to have better and flexible hand/ fingers control play with clay. This was told by my teacher when I was so small. And it really helps a lot. Blessing to my teacher!!

Because of this I have the best handwriting even from my tuition teachers and other students. Everyone says that I write like a big man or I have handwriting like bigger students.

But yes this trick is worth a lot. And you can try it by yourself. Also to be more specific if you want a cheaper idea just use dough.

But better control on fingers helps you in a lot of tasks. It saves you from clumsiness also. And in this way again calligraphy helps you improve handwriting.

6. Improves Your Grip of Pen.

In calligraphy you get more specific and detailed information about pen grips. You get to know about our style and how you need to place the pen.

That extra information makes you better and helps to improve handwriting.

Is calligraphy useful
Is calligraphy useful

7. Building Muscle Memory and Repetitive Manners.

When you practice calligraphy you develop muscle memory of repetitive writing. Every calligrapher has this muscle memory. It gets developed over time as you practice.

Calligraphers have to write the same letter in the same way repetitively so this muscle memory gets devolved. And it is very beneficial while in calligraphy as well as in handwriting.

Its muscle memory is very useful for calligraphy. And often time is used by them. It is natural and every calligraphy has it.

It will also help you to improve your handwriting. So as we see there are plenty of ways calligraphy helps you to improve your handwriting.

Therefore calligraphy can improve your handwriting.

Conclusion- Can Calligraphy Improve Handwriting?

Calligraphy definitely can improve your handwriting. Although there are many different types of calligraphy in the world. 

But they all have some common basic functions like even spacing of letters, grip of pen, etc. In calligraphy we get to learn a lot of things which are beneficial for handwriting.

Also in the above section we saw different ways calligraphy could help us improve handwriting. 

And therefore we came to the conclusion that calligraphy can improve our handwriting in many different and effective ways.

Calligraphy is beneficial for our handwriting. And it helps to improve our handwriting.

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