Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used for Drawing?- InkSmooth

Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used for Drawing?- InkSmooth

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Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used for Drawing? Can you use Calligraphy Pens for Drawing? Which Pen is Used for Calligraphy Drawing? Let’s see answers to these questions. And step by step process for how to do it.

Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used for Drawing? You can use a calligraphy pen for drawing. And it gives amazing results in drawing. Using calligraphy nibs can be a lot of fun and gives impressive results. If your ink is waterproof then you can use watercolor on it later. And it looks very amazing. 

Read more for a step by step guide to how to use calligraphy pens for drawing. Click on text for direct land on step by step guide. And if you want to know more details read further.

Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used for Drawing?

You can absolutely use calligraphy pens for drawing. Lot of people do it for fun. Because it gives such amazing results. And also it’s a lot of fun to do.

Firstly you have to use a calligraphy pen with calligraphy nib. You could also use dip pens for it. Or some people use fountain pens (body) with calligraphy nibs. They feel comfortable with that.

And you can also do the same. Or you can also use a calligraphy pen (body) with a fountain pen nib. In that case the question will be completely different, LOL. It’s like, can you use a fountain pen for drawing? And yes, you can use a fountain pen for drawing.

The choice is up to you, you can pick whichever you are comfortable with. But if you want the best suggestion from us then, you should use a calligraphy pen (any calligraphy you wanted) with calligraphy nib, or you could also use pens like Pilot parallel pens (pen without nibs), with a waterproof calligraphy ink (if you want to color it later.) and just a paper.

That’s the best suggestion, use a good calligraphy ink, with a good calligraphy pen and a paper. If you are new in this you can check our best recommended tools page. It has some of the best information about calligraphy tools. And best recommendation. If you don’t want to dive deeper into it, you can directly trust and buy these products. We mentioned everything with categories.

Now let’s again continue with our topic. Drawing with calligraphy is a very fun thing to do, because calligraphy nibs give some amazing strokes while drawing. As well as the thick calligraphy ink flows perfectly with it and also looks good.

You can pull some amazing broad and thin strokes with calligraphy nibs. Now Let’s jump on the step by step guide and see all other information there.

Can you use Calligraphy Pens for Drawing?
Can you use Calligraphy Pens for Drawing?

Step by Step Guide for Using Calligraphy Pens for Drawing-

Step 1

Firstly let’s see what things you’re gonna need for drawing with calligraphy pens. 

Things You’ll Need-

  • Calligraphy pen with nib/ Calligraphy Set/ Calligraphy pen
  • A Good Calligraphy ink (Waterproof would be best)
  • A Good Quality Paper
  • Water color (If you want to make color painting)

Calligraphy pen:- So firstly you’re going to need a calligraphy pen/ calligraphy set/ or a normal calligraphy pe. You can use any pen you are comfortable with. Some people even use a fountain pen (body) with calligraphy nib. That would also be fine. Use whatever you are comfortable with or comfortable with their strokes.

Calligraphy Ink:- Use a good quality calligraphy ink. If you want to color your drawing then you should probably use a waterproof ink. And we are also suggesting the same. You can use any color you want. But the back will look good from our experience. You can use carbon black for that deep black color. It will look good.

A Good Quality Paper:- you can use any paper you want. There is no problem with it. But if you use a good quality paper then it will not wear out your calligraphy nib faster. Because you need to apply a little bit of pressure on your nib, and if the paper is not smooth enough then your nib will get worn out. So using good quality paper will be the best move here.

Watercolor:- Lastly if you want to apply color on your drawing, you can use a water color. Use any of them, it will be fine. And a best tip from us: You can use watercolor brush pens for coloring the drawing. They are very cheap but the best way to use watercolor.

Pentel watercolor Brush pen
Pentel watercolor Brush pen

If you want to draw something like one line painting then there is no need for watercolors. 

Step 2

So after gathering everything you want, Let’s first prepare everything for drawing. I will suggest you sit properly as we do in calligraphy. Then select your subject. It could  be an image, that’s properly ok.

Refill your ink cartridges. And keep everything ready such as colors, and different nibs, etc. Drawing calligraphy letters isn’t that difficult. Similarly drawing an image with a calligraphy pen isn’t that difficult. With regular practice and good examples to work from, you can improve your skills quickly. Now let’s move on to the main part.

Step 3

Here comes the main part, actual drawing! Keep your pen at a 45° degree angle. It will give you nib’s regular stroke. If you want to make it a little thing then increase the angle. It will give you more than a line.

Lastly while drawing you can hold the nib upside down, as example above. And it will give you the thinnest line. While drawing you have to play with this stroke of nib to achieve a good result.

And this is the most fun and important part of calligraphy drawing. That’s why people do this. While drawing you can apply more pressure and it will give you thick lines. And if you apply less pressure while drawing then it will give you thin lines. So these two angles of holding and pressure you are applying will help you achieve your desired stroke size.

You can change it while pulling the lines, and therefore a lot of people use it.. And it;s really fun to draw as well as it will give some amazing results.

And it gives a lot of dynamics to drawing. So draw outlines of your subject. Here are examples from us.

Example of outlining while drawing
Example of outlining while drawing

Step 4

Now again use your pen for drawing the shadows. And the best thing is you can leave the white paper for highlights. It actually looks like a highlight and amazing.

It gives your drawing depth and dimensions. You can look at our example below.

Example of Shadowing while drawing with calligraphy pen
Example of Shadowing while drawing with calligraphy pen

Step 5

Example of painting with watercolor on calligraphy drawing
Example of painting with watercolor on calligraphy drawing

And lastly for the 5th step you can use watercolor to draw colors on your drawing. So you can actually paint on your calligraphy with this method. As I mentioned above, you can use a watercolor brush pen for it. It’s the best tool to have for watercoloring. And it’s very cheap also. You can check it out here- WaterColor Brush Pen.

You just have to fill it with water. And as you press the water comes out and mixes with color. Then you can paint with it.

Example of painting with Watercolor brush pen
Example of painting with Watercolor brush pen

And  if you are drawing something like one line painting. Then there is no need for such. You are really good  to go in step 3. One thing I want to  mention is, you can really utilize the dynamic strokes from calligraphy nib. It will look amazing, because in that one single line some lines are  broad and some are going to thin. It will add dynamics in your drawing. So it is a great option to go with.

Example of one line drawing
Example of one line drawing

So that’s it. Your drawing is complete now. You can do a lot of experiments with it and achieve good results. Go and Enjoy!

Can You Paint with Calligraphy Ink?

You can make paintings with calligraphy ink. You can also use calligraphy pens and nibs for drawing. And use its properties to achieve amazing results. People use calligraphy ink and pens for making drawings. And it’s a very fun activity to do.

You can paint with calligraphy ink, calligraphy pen,and nibs. Lot of people use these for drawing. And it gives amazing and interesting results in drawing. Using carbon black calligraphy ink will give you amazing deep black strokes. And it looks very great for outlines.

Carbon black calligraphy ink is the best choice for drawing with calligraphy ink. It gives bold and deep black strokes for drawing.

Here is our interesting article about Can You Use Calligraphy Pens for Manga Drawing?

Which Pen is Used for Calligraphy Drawing?

For drawing with a calligraphy pen you can use any pen you like. Whichever pen you find has good balance and strokes are great for drawing. Though pilot parallel pens are a great choice to go with.

I will recommend to you whichever pen you find best and comfortable with. use whichever pen you like the most.

What Are Calligraphy Pens Used For?

So initially calligraphy pens are very different from any other pen, and therefore they also work differently. The calligraphy pens are sort of dip pens in some instances. And calligraphy pens are primarily used for doing Calligraphy. They are either deep in ink or used with ink cartridges and they have different nibs for writing different styles.

The best use for calligraphy pens is using them for calligraphy. Calligraphy pens and inks are specially made with the purpose of doing calligraphy. Therefore their characteristics are different and match with their initial purpose.

It’s not at all wrong to use them for different purposes, if you are getting results you want then it’s absolutely fine. You can play with them and their characteristics. Do experiments and achieve the results you want, it will be really fun to do that.

but if you know about their characteristics, then it will be very very helpful and also more fun to play with. You have to know things like, calligraphy ink is made for the purpose of using with a dip pens. so the ink has to be thick, otherwise it will not work properly. It either slides directly through it quickly or not going to last that long.

Therefore it has to be really thick. Also if you compare it with tattoo ink then, the calligraphy ink has to dry quickly because it is made for the purpose of writing on paper. So in order to write on paper, the ink has to dry quickly. and also it has to be a little thick, otherwise the ink will spread all over. therefore it has to sit there for a few seconds and try quickly.

but if tattoo ink dries that much quicker then it is gonna look like a bruise or old scar. And it really looks very nasty. Therefore you can not use them both for each other’s place. So you have to know these things. And you will only learn these things by years of experience.

It’s not possible to stuff all of this information in one article. You have to do experiments and you’ll learn these things over time with experience.

You have to give it time and trust the process. You can check our other interesting articles, our articles are filled up with this kind of advanced information that you will only get by the experience of many years.

What Pens Are Used for Drawing?

So what pens are actually Used for drawing? There are many types of pens you can use for drawing according to your liking, though most people consider the Copic 1.0mm Multiliner a good pen for drawing. In all aspects, Copic 1.0mm is the best pen for drawing.

Also, there are other pens people use the most for drawing. Following is the list of some best pens for drawing. We are not going into detail about this. It’s just for giving you a general overall idea.

Following is the List of Some Best Pens for Drawing-

1. Copic 1.0mm Multiliner

2. Pentel Brush Pen

3. Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

4. Staedtler Pigment Liner Sketch Pens

5. Ohuhu Fine Line Drawing Pens

6. Pilot V7 Rollerball

I made a list in ascending order, I mentioned the best pens at the top of the list. It’s my list according to my experience with pens. Some pens might be more useful for you according to your style of writing.

Though I kept my perspective in general for it, so for most people it’s going to be the same. You can look for details about the pen by clicking on them. Also, you can see the price of them and think wisely.

Though I consider the price and performance of the pen and then select the position for it. 

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