Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper?
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Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper? Do Fountain Pens Work on All paper? Fountain pen friendly notebooks? Let’s see all these questions in this article.

Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper? You can use fountain pen on any normal paper, without any problem. But the ink sometimes doesn’t look good on low quality paper. Other hand, good quality paper will give you better looking results. Also your pen will slide very smoothly on good quality paper.

Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper?

You can absolutely use fountain pen on any paper. It will not create any problem with your fountain pen. Don’t worry about it.

But using good quality paper can give you better results than normal paper. Let’s see this in detail.

What is the difference between low quality paper and high quality paper? Firstly, good quality paper is way smoother than normal paper. Second, It soaks ink better. So your ink will not bleed. As well as your ink will look better on it.

And looking at this, if you use good quality paper then it will give you better results. So if possible you should use a good quality paper for better result.

Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper?
Can you Use Fountain Pen on Any Paper?

Using a fountain pen on normal paper does not harm it that much. But using good quality paper is always the best choice. 

When you write with a fountain pen and paper. If the paper is not smooth enough, i’s rough., then it will rub against the fountain pen’s nib. And might damage it. Using it with extra pressure and constantly can damage it in the long run. 

Your fountain pen nib can get bent and worn out. But using good quality smooth paper will help to keep your pen in perfect condition for a long time.

Do Fountain Pens Work on All Paper?

Fountain pen works with all kinds of paper. You can use it wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about it. You can also use your very expensive fountain pen on any paper. It doesn’t require any special kind of paper.

Do Fountain Pens Work on All Paper?
Do Fountain Pens Work on All Paper?

But using your fountain pen with good quality paper is the best option. Because it looks so much better. And also expand the life of your pen. When you use your pen on good quality smooth paper, the pen slides on paper easily. Also the paper soaks the ink better.

And fountain pen ink is very thin. If your paper soaks it properly then you’ll not find any bleeding ink problem. And it will also look very good.

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I even shared comparison images, and what you can expect from a specific paper.

Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks?

Can you write on notebook paper with a fountain pen? Fountain pens are completely notebook friendly. You can use hen on a notebook without any hesitation. It will not cause any problems with your pen or notebook.

You can use it with your regular notebook easily. But if you want better results, and good quality writing. Then I will suggest you to use Rhodia notebooks.

You can buy them on amazon or any stationery shop. They are super high quality paper. Therefore the writing on that paper looks so much better. But they are a little bit more expensive than usual paper. But they are absolutely worth using.

They are very smooth, and soak the ink properly. Therefore the ink looks better on them. If you are willing to buy them, you can follow our amazon link. It gives us a little bit of commission on your purchase. It really helps us. ;)-  Rhodia notebooks.

Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks?
Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks?

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That’s it for this article, I may hope that I answered your every question. If you want to ask any other question, or want to share something. Use the comment cessation below. I’ll try my best to help you.

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