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How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy? How much time will it take to learn calligraphy? How Long Does it Take to Master Calligraphy? If you are finding answers for these questions we are here to help you. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy? Generally it takes 6 months to be good at calligraphy. Calligraphy is very easy to learn for all. With structured learning and constant practice 2 months is the average time to learn one script in calligraphy. So With little effort you can be an expert at it in 6 months. 

You should at least have to give 6 months to learn calligraphy. but like any other art form, there is no end to how good you can be in calligraphy. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Calligraphy?

It generally takes 6 months to learn calligraphy at an advanced level. You can easily learn calligraphy by giving it 30-45 minutes daily for 6 months. Or 4-5 hours a week, which is 96 hours in total for 6 months.

It takes 6 months to be a bit of a professional in calligraphy. An average person can learn one script of calligraphy in 2 months and be a little  good  at it. 

So if you want to be good at calligraphy you should want to give at least 6 months to it, for a professional result.

It is not hard to learn calligraphy. If you want a detailed idea on this topic, we covered it in our other article. You can check this here- Is Calligraphy hard to learn? 8 tips for beginners

So we are not going deep into it for now. But in simple words it is easy to learn calligraphy in general.

Perfect Approach to Learn Calligraphy as Soon as Possible

Steps for learning Calligraphy Fast and Simple Way ( Perfect Approach to learn Calligraphy as soon as possible)-

  • Start with one script (font) at a time.
  • Give 2 months for each script (font), and practice it often. To be perfect.
  • It will help to build your muscle memory.
  • Time could be deferred to you. Maybe it takes a few days less or more than 2 months .
  • Don’t switch to another script if you don’t have enough confidence.
  • Once you have confidence and learn it completely, switch to next script (font)
  • Repeat it for 6 months. After 6 months you are skilled at 3 calligraphy scripts. And now you are a bit of an expert in calligraphy.
  • Doing this helps to make muscle memory and helps you to learn calligraphy quickly and easily in just 6 months. 
  • Lastly, continue your journey. And try to be better at it contently,

And don’t worry if you find it difficult. It depends on a lot of different things. And nothing to worry about, or get demotivated about it.

And I’ll also suggest you to learn one script (Font) first then move to another. Some scripts are easy to learn for you and some will take more time.

You can learn and build muscle memory for one script by practicing it for 2 months. The time will also defer by your will power and your dedication.

And I will suggest you to give at least 2 months for one script and after 6 months you will have a good amount of knowledge in calligraphy.

You learnt 3 different fonts, and they obviously have different properties, strokes and structures. In that way you get knowledge for all different areas and will cover it all in just  6 months.

The knowledge was not just theoretical but practical because you already experience and practice those skills. And now you can call yourself a calligrapher.

In 6 month you can be average in calligraphy. By learning and practicing one script in 2 months. And I left scripts (fonts) on you, it  will defer on your style and interest. You have complete freedom for that.

More than that, I could say calligraphy is an art, a visual art of beautiful writing. Therefore there is no limit for learning. You can learn so many things in it and be better at. There is no limit for learning. Like all arts, there is no end to how good you can be in calligraphy.

I even saw people who have been doing calligraphy for 10-20 years and are still learning. They try different things. And try to improve themself more and more. But yes if you are just talking about learning, then you can learn calligraphy in 6 months. But there is no limit for how far you can go. There is no end to it.

Is Calligraphy Difficult to Learn?

Calligraphy isn’t difficult at all to learn, but mastering it may require little dedication and effort. Anyone can learn calligraphy with little hard work and patience.

We just have to be a little dedicated to it. And had to put in some effort for learning. The effort you are going to put into learning is definitely worth it in the end.

Calligraphy also has benefits for us. And learning calligraphy is a very useful thing. It also depends on your willpower and focus, how much time it will take for learning.

Some people may find calligraphy very easy to learn and some will find difficulty in it. It will depend on you in some incessant, your willpower and patience will play an important role in that.

Calligraphy is an art so it also depends on your artistic vision and skills. But overall in general calligraphy is not difficult to learn.

We have a whole article written on this topic, you can check it out here if you want- Is Calligraphy hard to learn? 8 tips for beginners

How Can I Learn Calligraphy Fast?

There are few things you can do to learn calligraphy fast. These are not any magic tricks or spells. These are just things to consider and follow while learning.

Other than that you have to make an effort to learn calligraphy. The more you focus on learning the faster you will be able to learn.

I made a list below of these 7 tips for learning calligraphy fast.

7 Tips for Learning Calligraphy Fast!!

1. Don’t write calligraphy, rather draw it.

While learning calligraphy it seems like a small trick but makes a huge difference. Don’t write the letter, rather imagine it as drawing. It will help you in learning calligraphy fast. 

Learn the letter formation first and then try to draw it on paper. Rather than writing it. And in this way, you eventually learn about writing it. 

What happens is your hand has a habit to write the particular words in a particular way. And when you try to change that habit you find it a little difficult in the start.

This tip will help you in this case. And help you in the beginning stage of learning. It is best approach in the beginning to draw calligraphy rather than writing it.

Imagine it as drawing letters with the help of strokes. After using this tip, comment down below your experiences.

2. Practice letter formation and structure before thickness and strokes.

Our second tip is, pay more attention to letter formation rather than individual strokes. Many  people make this mistake and try to practice strokes first.

But your approach should be first practicing letters and then strokes. First pay attention to letters, understand them and then pick fine detailing like strokes.

Many people hurry up with those things and hence it takes more time for them to learn. Don’t mix those in the beginning.

Keep in mind to always practice letters first and strokes and thickness. By doing this you will be able to drastically reduce your learning time. Because it helps your brain understand letters better.

3. Do Continues and Often practices.

Firstly don’t get interrupted while practicing. Don’t take breaks often, it will distract your brain. And you will not be able to concentrate good enough.

Those distractions cause you trouble, so make sure you won’t get disturb in between.

Practice straight with as few breaks as possible.

Secondly, practice often practices. Remember hard work is your best friend in this process. You can only reduce learning time by hard work.

The more you practice it the more you are able to master. More practice not just helps to be perfect at it, but also will help to build muscle memory.

In calligraphy we have to write the same letter with repetitive movements, therefore every calligraphy has to build muscle  memory to help in it. This  will help you to learn calligraphy fast.

And after all, practice only matters. Because no matter how much video you watch, how much knowledge you gain, or course you join, this theoretical knowledge is useless without practice. So do as much as practice as you can. It will help you to learn calligraphy fast.

4. Build muscle memory.

That brings us to the 4th point. Get help from building muscle memory. Now you will think about how to build muscle memory, right?

In calligraphy we have to make repetitive movements for writing letters. Therefore calligrapher developers muscle memory.

It is developed by doing the same repetitive movement again and again. So for building muscle memory you have to do a lot of practice.

And it will be worth a lot. It will help you to learn calligraphy fast.

5. Lift your hand while writing.

This is a consideration to keep in mind while practicing. Lift your hand while writing.

Calligraphy is not cursive and they both are different. You have to lift your hand in calligraphy. Lifting your hand while writing calligraphy will help you to write better. 

So lift your hand while writing, it will help you to write better and perfectly. Don’t misconcept this.

6. Write Slow.

This is the second consideration you have to keep in mind while practicing. Write slowly. It is such a great tip, often new people make this mistake by not writing slowly enough.

It will help you to concentrate better. And helps to improve muscle memory. Doing this will also be helpful for learning calligraphy fast.

7. Sit properly and Don’t move your wrist. 

Next tip is sit properly and don’t move your wrist while writing. Use your hand for writing, not your wrist. Using your wrist for writing decreases your momentum, hence will you not get enough hand range.

Sit properly on a table or desk, it improves your posture. Proper posture is very important for learning calligraphy. Therefore sit properly and get good hand range, so you can write perfectly.

Allowing your hand full range of motion, will help you to write smoothly and properly. This tip will help you learn calligraphy fast.

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