Is Calligraphy a Dying Art?

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Did you wonder is calligraphy a dying art? Is calligraphy dying? And are you confused about that? Let’s find out the answers from this article. 

Is Calligraphy a Dying Art? Calligraphy is not at all a dying art. Calligraphy is flourishing nowadays. Nowadays people crave for handmade things and personal touch. It is an evergreen and growing art. In fact, interest in calligraphy seems to be go upwards.

Is Calligraphy a Dying Art?

Calligraphy is not at all a dying art. I Would say calligraphy is flourishing nowadays. In today’s era of social media it is spreading more rapidly on the globe.

Social media is encouraging this art form a lot. And people are also loving it a lot. You can see it all over the internet. People are liking calligraphy a lot.

Not just in one social media platform, but in all of them. Calligraphy is catching more and more people’s eyes. And becoming their favourite one.

Calligraphy is a very good and beautiful art form. It has a lot of benefits to us. It benefits us in various different aspects in our life. It benefits us all the way, relaxing our mind to improve our body posture and increasing our vocabulary.

People liking it very much for its various benefits and beauty. Therefore demand for calligraphy and interest in it is increasing constantly.

Interest of people in calligraphy is increasing time by time. Calligraphy is very meditative and stress relieving. It helps us to connect with our language from the root. It increases our vocabulary and knowledge about languages. 

It helps to improve our body posture. It increases our focus levels. Also it boosts our creativity. It gives us a chance to express ourselves. It connects us with other people. And it increases our confidence and patience level. 

Calligraphy has lot of more  benefits from other then this, you can read  those from our this article- 13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy

And people are slowly releasing those benefits, therefore they are giving more and more attention to calligraphy.

People nowadays know the importance of calligraphy. Therefore they tend towards it slowly. If you want to get full information about the importance of calligraphy you can check out our this article-  7 Reasons Why is Calligraphy important?

So rather than saying calligraphy is a dying art we should want to say calligraphy is a flourishing art. It is becoming more and more famous. And it doesn’t show any signs of going down. It kept grabbing more and more people’s eyes.

Due to it’s beneficial nature and relaxing nature, it has become people’s favourite.

Proof of Calligraphy is not a dying Art?

1. High Reach On Social Media 

Our first sign of calligraphy is not a dying art is the reach of social media. Here you can see from following screenshot #calligraphy has 18,224,798 posts. Which is more than 18 million posts. And this number keeps growing. 

And this is data from only one social media  platform. To make it more clear, keep in mind this is only for one hashtag and only are posts. It doesn’t count reels, igtvs from instagram. 

There are thousands of those hashtags, like #calligraphyart, #calligraphypractice, #calligraphylove, #calligraphyhand and many more. And also the post without a hashtag once and the one with spelling mistakes like calligrapy. 

Here is the data table for the hashtags to give you a brief idea about how much calligraphy is popular in social media. 

Hashtags Number of Post 

So those are some examples. And I definitely know that getting 18 million posts on a hashtag is not at all dying art. So calligraphy is not a dying art. 

2. Google trends Data about Calligraphy

Here I bring the google trends data from calligraphy. It shows the interest of people in calligraphy.

Following is the data of google trends about calligraphy for the last 12 months. Means it’s a data from google to interest in calligraphy from people.

Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?
Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?

And from this you can see, calligraphy has a lot of demand even nowadays. Also with time the demand is increasing and not decreasing. It tells us that the interest of people in calligraphy is very stable. It does not fluctuate with time and season. 

Also it is going up with time and now seems to learn calligraphy is not a dying art. With time people are getting more aware and interested in calligraphy. demand for calligraphy is very high, and does not seem to drop or go down in future also.

Though fore more, i want to specifically show you data of last 5 years interest of people in calligraphy. Since calligraphy is centuries old art. 1 years is not truly enough to judge its existence. So therefore I want to specifically show you data from google for the interest of people in calligraphy.

Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?
Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?

This above data was for the past 5 years interest of people in calligraphy from google. Calligraphy is a very old  art form. It’s between us from the 6th century. 

It is a lot of old art. If it does not lose it’s authenticness in several centuries then how could it  be now?

So therefore comparing and judging from the basis of 1 year is not right. Therefore I presented 5 years of data from google. And you can see how steady it is. And this is the worldwide interest of people in calligraphy. 

It is not going down. Therefore calligraphy is not a dying art. From 2004 to the present moment it is the same type of graphs. They are pretty similar. It also goes upward and steady. You can check out from here- Google trend data for interest of people in calligraphy from 2004 to present.

So from the google’s data we can also see, calligraphy is not a dying art. 

Conclusion- Is Calligraphy a dying art?

The final conclusion from this article is calligraphy is not a dying art. Many people are bending towards this beautiful art form. 

Also i would say calligraphy is a many centuries old art form. It is a very old and beautiful art form. It didn’t vanish or start to fade till now so how could it be in future. This art form has managed to survive many centuries. And keep it’s beauty alive.

So don’t worry, it is an amazing and beautiful art form, which will never die. It has a lot of benefits and a lot of people approaching it. 

To just give you an idea, many new people are joining this art form. They want to learn calligraphy. Every year millions of new people around the world learn calligraphy. And keep this art form alive.

From the reach of social media we can see demand for calligraphy. And it keeps rising with time. There are a lot of communities in calligraphy. Calligraphy is connected with many religions.

We can see from social media reach, there is an extreme demand for calligraphy. And it keeps rising. 

Also if you are thinking whether you are able to make a living from calligraphy? You definitely should. To get detailed information about it you should want to check this section article- Can you make a living from Calligraphy?

So that’s it for this article, calligraphy is not a dying art. And not in future also. We saw everything and covered everything about it. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment  section below. 

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