Is Calligraphy a Hobby? And How to Get Started- InkSmooth

Is Calligraphy a Hobby? And How to Get Started- InkSmooth

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Is calligraphy a hobby? Why is calligraphy a hobby? How do I start a calligraphy as a hobby? Let’s find out answers to these questions in this article.

Is calligraphy a Hobby? Calligraphy is a good hobby to develop in children and adults. We can consider it as a hobby. Lot of people who are into calligraphy use it as a Good hobby for relaxation or also to earn some extra money. You can use calligraphy as a hobby and a good career option also.

Can We Consider Calligraphy as a Hobby?

You can consider calligraphy as a hobby. You can write calligraphy in the hobby section, in school, job resume, etc. Calligraphy is a fine art. And all the art can come in the hobby section.

Calligraphy is a refreshing activity and relieves people from stress. It can be used as a meditation. And a lot of people are actually doing it. 

Lot of people started calligraphy as a hobby for relaxation or fun. And eventually ended up doing a career in it. And if you really think this, it’s the best thing in the world.

Because you are doing the thing you love the most as a job. So it’s not bothering you and makes you feel bored. Doing the thing you love to make a living on it, it really is the best thing. And it will never burn you out creatively. And always make you feel alive.

You can read more on this topic here- 14 Reasons Calligraphy is a Good Career- InkSmooth

Many people like to find a creative pastime and Calligraphy is an ideal way for it. It brings out the artistic and creative side of us. Also It is easy to learn, relatively cheap to set up and you can use the skill in various ways.

Why is Calligraphy a Good Hobby?

Why is Calligraphy a Hobby?
Why is Calligraphy a Hobby?

Calligraphy is a fine art. And all arts can be considered hobbies, so we can consider calligraphy as a hobby. Calligraphy is one of the best hobbies for relaxation and unwinding your mind. Besides only giving you pleasure and relaxation, it also has a lot of benefits to you.

Therefore it is safe to say that calligraphy is one of the best hobbies to enjoy. And a lot of people consider calligraphy over any other hobby.

Calligraphy has many benefits such as below to help you.-

  1. Calligraphy helps people to connect with each other.
  2. Calligraphy can help you to earn money easily.
  3. You can take difficult challenges from calligraphy.
  4. Calligraphy Increases Your Vocabulary and language knowledge.
  5. Our Creativity get increase When We Use Our Hands for Writing.
  6. You can use Calligraphy for self- improvement and Confidence. 
  7. Calligraphy is meditating and relaxing.
  8. Calligraphy is Part of Culture and Religions.
  9. Calligraphy Increases Our Focus.
  10. Calligraphy teaches you Patience and Putting Efforts.
  11. Calligraphy improves your body posture. 
  12. People can Express Their Emotions and Creativity through It.
  13. Calligraphy boosts your creativity.

So these are the benefits of doing calligraphy. You can read our whole article on this topic for brief information.- 

13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy- InkSmooth

How do I Start a Calligraphy as a Hobby?

If you want to start calligraphy as a hobby then you’re at the right place. I Can help you with it. Step 1- Let’s get some basic information about your new hobby (Calligraphy).- Calligraphy is a fine art. It is an art of beautiful writing. It is a very , very old art form (invented in 206 BCE – 220 CE). And it helps to make every text beautiful and appealing.

How do I Start a Calligraphy as a Hobby?
How do I Start a Calligraphy as a Hobby?

Step 2- So Now let’s first talk about the things you’re gonna need for it.- A lot of people say calligraphy is an expensive hobby, but actually it’s not. It just depends on you. How much you are willing to spend on it. And how smartly you spend.

Let me share some of my advanced tips with you for saving your money in calligraphy. 

  1. Firstly, never use any normal paper for calligraphy. Use good quality and smooth paper. It will save your ton of money in the long run. Because if you use any normal rough paper then your calligraphy nib/ pen will get worn out quickly. And it will cost you more of them. And ultimately make you calligraphy expensive. You can visit this article, where I put all of the best suggestions for calligraphy paper. Also provided a coupon code for more discount on onion paper. And that’s the tip for you. Use an onion skin paper, it will be the best paper and also very inexpensive. It’s a best fit for you if you want to take calligraphy as a hobby, So get these.
  2. Secondly, for pen you can check out this page for the best easy recommendation. And also gather appropriate information for buying calligraphy pens.- InkSmooth Best Calligraphy Pen Buyer’s Guides. It’s a one time investment so I will just suggest The Pilot Parallel Pen. And for an even cheaper option you can go with the Artline ergoline calligraphy Pen.
  3. And lastly you can buy an ink according to your choice. Because you can always swap them from time to time. So it will be fine. Go and do some experiments and have different different inks. It’s ok. But since you are a beginner, I want to tell you that a 60 ml ink bottle will also last you for about a year. So you can not buy too much accidentally. You can write 1,880 A5 size pages with 60ml of ink. Keep this thing in mind. And for more information visit our this article- Ultimate Calligraphy Ink Master Guide- InkSmooth
How do I Start a Calligraphy as a Hobby?
How do I Start a Calligraphy as a Hobby?

So that’s all you need for getting started in calligraphy as a hobby. Just one good calligraphy pen, a bottle of ink, and Good quality calligraphy paper (Onion Skin Paper).

Step 3 – Now let’s come to the next step. The Next Step is you have to choose a calligraphy font to learn. If you don’t want to make it complicated then just choose any font you like. Or find attractive.

And I also recommend you to go deeper into it. Start with any language you find attractive and beautiful.

Here are some recommendations- Italic, blackletter, Gothic, Lovebird. These are some of the common and easy to learn fonts in calligraphy.

Step 4 – Now you just have to go and practice your font. You should ideally practice it for 1-2 hours a day. But it’s a hobby. So you can give as much time as you want. We don’t have a hurry or time limit. It’s perfectly fine.

You should use practice sheets. You can find them on the internet easily. Search practice sheet for *Your Font Name*. And you’ll easily find it. And print them on paper and practice with it. 

It will improve your muscle memory. And that was more important in calligraphy. 

You can get help for learning calligraphy from this article.- Can Calligraphy be Self Taught? And How?- InkSmooth

This is the best article and it will help you further for learning calligraphy on your own. It has a step by step guide to help you better. 

And it also gives you more information on picking the right calligraphy for you, so if you want guidance on it you can also check it out.

You can also check this article for more help in learning calligraphy. 7 Tips for Learning Calligraphy Fast!!

Step 5 – Now the final best tip is Enjoy! It’s your hobby. Enjoy and have fun with it. Give as much time as you want, do experiments. It will keep you alive!

You can always follow this website for more advanced tips and knowledge of calligraphy. 

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