Is Calligraphy a language? 

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Is calligraphy a language? Calligraphy is a word of which language? From which language calligraphy word comes from? Let’s find out all of these questions in this article. And also List of all languages who have calligraphy in them.

Is calligraphy a language? Calligraphy is a very old and severe art form. Many many languages around the globe have calligraphy. and it’s own version with different styles and scripts. The word calligraphy comes from the Greek language. “Kallos” Means beauty and “graphein” means writing. Together they mean beautiful writing.

Is Calligraphy a language? / What Language is Calligraphy?

The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek language. In Greek “Kallos” means- beauty and “Graphein” means- to writing.

And when they both combine together they make the word kallos-graphein which means beautiful writing in english. And this word further developed as calligraphy.

So the calligraphy word originally came from the Greek language. And specifically the word kallos-graphein. And then it further developed as “Calligraphy”.

  • Let’s see step by step how the word calligraphy gets developed. In the early 17th century firstly it came from the word Kallos which means beauty, and Graphein which means to write. 
  • Now we have to name a person who do calligraphy, right? So Then it develops as kalligraphos. Which means “the person who writes beautifully”.
  • And then it was lastly derived as kalligraphia. Even now in the Greek language it is called kalligraphia.
  • And lastly when it comes to English it is derived as “Calligraphy”. This is how it evolves.

Also don’t get confused between the origin of calligraphy and the origin of the word calligraphy. Calligraphy art originated from China in the Chinese language.

Then it  went to Japan and further spread all over the world. And now we know it as calligraphy. And this word calligraphy we all know nowadays originated from the Greek language from Kallos-Graphein.

In traditional chinese language calligraphy called Shūfǎ (書法).

So the word calligraphy comes from the Greek language. And the art of calligraphy comes from the Chinese language.

Is Calligraphy Art only Present in Languages like Arabic and Persian?

Calligraphy art is a very old and beautiful art form. It is present in almost all of the languages in the world. Calligraphy is not just beautiful but in some countries a religious and traditional art.

It has a religious and traditional aspect to it. So it’s close to a lot of people’s hearts. It is not only present in languages like Arabic and Persian.

Calligraphy is a very beautiful art form. And it is deeply involved in various different languages while preserving its beauty.

Following is the list of all languages which have calligraphy in it.

List of languages who have calligraphy in it- 

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean 
  • Vietnamese
  • Mongolian 

Also calligraphy art has traveled all around the world. Following is the list of all the countries which have calligraphy in it.

List of countries who have calligraphy in it- 

  • Arabic 
  • China 
  • Japan 
  • Korea
  • Vietnam 
  • Mongolia
  • Tibetan (Tibet) 
  • Filipino (Philippines) 
  • Devanagari( which written in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Marathi,), Brahmi (India) 
  • Nepali (Nepal) 
  • Egyptian (Egypt) Script type- Logography usable as an abjad 
  • Amharic (Ethiopia/Abyssinia) 
  • Persian (Persia)

Is Calligraphy Literature?

Calligraphy is not a literature, it is an art. Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. And in that instinct we can say calligraphy is a part of literature. It has a very close and special relation with literature. Back in the day, everything was presented in writing format. And the best appealing way to present it is with the help of calligraphy.

With the help of calligraphy it looks so beautiful and appealing to the human eye. Therefore a lot of literature uses calligraphy. So we can say calligraphy has a very deep and close relationship with literature. 

It is a very important part of some religion’s literature. Like in Arabic religion when the Quran gets extracted they thought to present it in a beautiful way. Because Arabic people think it is the word of god. Therefore they wanted to present it in a beautiful format.

And since then Arabic calligraphy got invented. Arabic calligraphy is a very important and essential part of Arabic culture.

Almost in any literature of the word calligraphy plays a very important part. Also It is deeply involved in a lot of language’s literature. 

Back in the day, when there were not any screens and audio players available. The best and most common way to express literature is with the help of calligraphy.

You can easily and attractively present your literature to others. And people will not also get bored of it. So now you can estimate the importance of calligraphy back in-days. And also a deep connection of it with literature. 

So calligraphy is a very essential part of literature. And in some religions and cultures it is a godlike thing. And it is very important for literary composition.

Calligraphy is like a water and it has been molded under various languages and their literature. But it doesn’t have any of its own literature. In every style/script of languages, the characteristics of calligraphy change like water. 

It has different values and characteristics in every religion. Therefore we can not say calligraphy is literature in it’s own. But the languages do have. 

Therefore we can say calligraphy is a very important and non neglectable part of literature all over the language. 

Which Language Has Best Calligraphy?

There are a lot of languages in calligraphy. Calligraphy is spread all over the word and available in various languages and scripts. Arabic calligraphy is claimed as the best and most beautiful looking calligraphy by a lot of people.

There might be differences from different choices. I personally think there are a lot of other beautiful and best looking calligraphy languages available. 

Above we listed all of the languages which have calligraphy in them. You can search them all and see which one you find the best. It is a totally personal choice.

One thing I wanted to mention is that, if we are talking about the best language then we have to look in various angles. We can’t just see which looks the best.

Arabic calligraphy is very hard to do, it takes hours to complete. Also it has very strict rules and regulations. So I doubt? should we really just rate it on good looks? 

The Gothic font is very marvelous and amazing. It looks so beautiful and good. Also the Italian calligraphy is very amazing. And they both are very easy comparably.

So I am leaving it to you. You can decide which is the best language according to you. You can share your option in the comment section below so other people get help from it.

Till then I am listing some of my favorite calligraphy langues. And which I think are the best calligraphy languages.-

So these are some of very different and unique styles and languages of calligraphy.

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