Is Calligraphy Worth Learning?

Is Calligraphy Actually Worth Learning?- InkSmooth

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Did you have any doubt about is calligraphy worth learning? Is it worth to learn calligraphy? Or is calligraphy worth your time? In this article we are finding answers to those questions.

Is Calligraphy Worth Learning? Calligraphy is absolutely worth learning. It is worth all your time. It develops your skills. You can also earn money from calligraphy. Calligraphy has a lot of benefits to learn. It boosts your confidence, focus, helps you to relax and increases your knowledge. It’s good to learn calligraphy.

Is Calligraphy Worth learning?

It is absolutely worth it to learn calligraphy. It has a lot of benefits to learn calligraphy. Following are the benefits of learning calligraphy.

  • Calligraphy develops your skills a lot.
  • It develops your personality and trains your character.
  • It keeps connected to roots and to culture.
  • Your language knowledge increases.
  • It increases your confidence.
  • Helps you to focus better.
  • Correct your body posture.
  • Calligraphy is a beautiful art form.
  • You can also earn money from Calligraphy.
  • Calligraphy helps to reduce stress. 
  • Calligraphy is very meditating and relaxing.
  • Calligraphy boosts your creativity.
  • It improves your vocabulary. 

You can get full information about benefits of calligraphy here- 13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy

Look, those are the benefits of learning calligraphy. There are so many benefits you will get from learning calligraphy. It’s never a waste to learn calligraphy. 

It is always beneficial to learn calligraphy. It helps to relax and calm your mind. It develops your skills. It teaches you patience and putting effort into work. You can even earn money from calligraphy.

Calligraphy helps you to focus better. In calligraphy you have to sit properly and write, so it corrects your body posture. 

Your vocabulary gets wider and also knowledge of language improves. It helps to reduce your stress. Calligraphy connects you with the roots of culture. Overall it improves your personality a lot. 

Therefore it is a good thing to learn. It has a lot of benefits to learn. And therefore calligraphy is worth to learn. You should want to learn calligraphy. I will encourage you to learn calligraphy.

How long Does it take to Learn Calligraphy?

Generally it takes two months to learn calligraphy. You should want to give at least two months to learn calligraphy. You should want to give 5 hours a week for 2 months to learn calligraphy. It is the perfect approach to do it. 

Give yourself two months to learn calligraphy. Be dedicated to it. You are able to be average in calligraphy. This time could be less or more depending on you. Always with little dedication and more effort you can be better at calligraphy.

On average people take two months to learn calligraphy. And don’t worry if you take more time. Don’t worry about results, enjoy doing it.

If you love doing calligraphy it doesn’t matter when you learn or how much you learn it. Enjoy the process of doing calligraphy, Other things will take care of it on their own. 

The pleasure you get is always more important than the final result. Therefore if you are worrying about learning calligraphy, I will suggest you to go and start taking steps without worrying about the result. Calligraphy has a lot of different benefits also. 

I personally experienced the benefits of calligraphy. You can also get in depth information about the benefits of calligraphy from our other article. 

Is There a Demand For Calligraphy?

There is a lot of demand for calligraphy. It would be worth it to learn calligraphy. Calligraphy is always in demand. Without any discussion let me show you real statistics as straight evidence. 

Following is the data of google trends about calligraphy for the last 12 months. Means it’s a data from google to interest in calligraphy from people. 

This data shows the past 12 months how much people have interest in calligraphy. I showed this to you specifically for telling, calligraphy is not seasons like many other topics. It is in demand for all 12 months. Also the demand is very high for calligraphy, and does not seem to drop or go down in future also. 

So calligraphy is in demand for all months of the year. And there is no chance for people’s interest in calligraphy to get lost in future. 

Calligraphy has a lot of demand and it’s a steady demand so it is not going to fall down in future also. This may clear all your doubts in seconds !! 

Also i wanted to show you one more data from google trends, which shows interest of people in calligraphy for the past 5 years. 

You can see how steady and constant this data is. It shows calligraphy is a very secure topic, the demand for calligraphy has not fluctuated ever. People have the same interest and demand in calligraphy over all seasons, years and time.

you can see the full data of Google trends about calligraphy here- Google trends data about Calligraphy.

Where calligraphy is needed and have demand- 

  • Often time brands need calligraphy for establishing their brand
  • For Custom Quotes/Artwork
  • Designing cards 
  • For Vows 
  • Media and advertising 
  • font design and typography 
  • Original hand-lettered logo design
  • For Religious art 
  • Cut stone inscriptions, and memorial documents

So from the above list you can see there are many places where calligraphy is needed. Calligraphy has demand. And demand for calligraphy is very steady and never fluctuates, therefore it’s work to learn calligraphy. 

Can I Teach Myself Calligraphy?

You can learn calligraphy by yourself. I would say it’s the best approach to learn calligraphy by yourself. You can always use resources from the internet. Also you can follow us to get more information about calligraphy. 

Soon we are making a resources page and very helpful stuff. So you can join through rss feed or stay connected to us. (Here We are From future, LOL.- Can Calligraphy be Self Taught? And How?- InkSmooth)

The Internet has so much information about calligraphy, you can always learn from there. You use practice paper and helpful articles like you to learn calligraphy. 

And i would say really don’t get afraid and start learning if you want to. Even if you become average in it, the pleasure you will receive is more important. 

So don’t think too much about learning. Start learning calligraphy if you want. Time to time I mention that the result is not important, it is the process which you want to enjoy the most.

Calligraphy has it’s lot of other benefits and importance, so start learning it. 

And you can always learn calligraphy by yourself. Majority of the people today learn calligraphy on their own. And if you have any doubts and questions you can get help from the internet.

You don’t necessarily have to pay and join a course or coaching of calligraphy. You can learn it by yourself.

I highly encourage you to at least start by yourself, and then from seeing the result decide whether you have to get help from someone or not.

Most of the people learn calligraphy by themselves, it’s just their dedication and hard work which make them better and unique. 

Can you make a living from Calligraphy?

You can make a living from calligraphy easily. But there is a condition to that, you have to become expert and dedicated to it to make a living in calligraphy. There are a lot of people who manage to make a living on calligraphy easily. You have a lot of career options and job opportunities also in calligraphy. 

Even if you can’t manage and struggle for it, you are able to make a good amount of money from freelancing and doing artworks. With calligraphy you are able to earn quite a lot of money.’

You have a lot of options for making money through calligraphy. If you are worried about earning in calligraphy, let me tell you just one thing. There are a lot of companies that just make shoes and leather wallets, but make a lot of money and there are also a lot of companies which make cars and smartphones but are at a loss. 

My point is that it’s never what you do, it’s how you do it. Can you imagine there are people who just make a living by making videos on instagram. They earn a lot, so why can’t you? 

But always remember a point, it matters most how you do it. You have to be professional and great at your work. Then it doesn’t matter what you are doing for a living.

And if you want references here, then yes there are a lot of people who earn a lot of money from calligraphy. You have the option of a job, freelancing, paid artist to earn money in calligraphy.

  • Jobs – Calligraphy Instructor, CE Instructor – Calligraphy, Calligraphy Specialist, Calligraphy Designer/Stylist – Corporate Media & Packaging, Craft Designer – Calligraphy, Digital Design Specialist – Calligraphy.
  • Paid artwork.
  • Freelancing. 
  • Coaching/ teaching others.
  • As a teacher in calligraphy classes.
  • Or create a business in calligraphy. 
  • Or selling products related to calligraphy.

From this list you have a lot of opportunities in calligraphy also. You just have to utilize those. Therefore it is worth to learn calligraphy.

Conclusion- Is Calligraphy Worth Learning?

It is absolutely worth it to learn calligraphy. You can learn calligraphy on your own. Also, calligraphy has had a lot of demand from the very beginning to today. Calligraphy has a lot of opportunities to earn money from. You can also make a living from calligraphy. 

Calligraphy worth learning because- 

  • It has a lot of benefits.
  • There is a lot of demand for calligraphy. And demand for calligraphy never fades. 
  • You can earn from it and make a living from calligraphy. 
  • You can learn it on your own.

It’s an amazing art form to learn. And has a lot of demand. It is never a waste to learn calligraphy. It is very beneficial to learn calligraphy. Therefore it is worth it to learn calligraphy.

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