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Did you all confused about Calligraphy and drawing? Do you want to know is Calligraphy Drawing? Is Calligraphy comes under drawing? Or the difference between Calligraphy and Drawing? 

Is Calligraphy drawing? Calligraphy is not a drawing. Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. Drawing is a picture or diagram made with pencil, pen, crayon and brush. Hence Calligraphy and drawing are completely different from each other.

Is Calligraphy Drawing? 

Calligraphy is not a drawing. It is an art of beautiful writing. On the other hand drawing is an art of making a picture or diagram with a pen, pencil, crayon and brush. 

Even though both are arts, they comes under different categories. Drawing and calligraphy are completely different from each other. 

In the art of calligraphy we write emotions through words. The process of writing gives more pleasure then end result. 

Calligraphy is mainly focused on creating a letter with beautiful writing. Drawing is focused on creating diagrams and pictures with pen, pencil and crayons.

Calligraphy and drawing has its own many different types, but they all are different from each other. They have a thin line differentiating between them. They are not the same.

Oftentime people make mistakes and underestimate calligraphy. Thus they consider calligraphy as a drawing. Cause it seems obvious they both are part of visual art. 

But calligraphy has its own big area and journey. The purpose of both are different, meaning of both are different, even the process is very different from each other. 

Make sure that you will not make this mistake like others. 

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Can we Consider Calligraphy in the Drawing Category? 

Can we Consider Calligraphy in the Drawing Category? You cannot Consider calligraphy in the drawing category. Calligraphy is very different from drawing. The purpose and process of both are also different. Even both are visual art.

We can’t consider calligraphy into the drawing category. Because both are different from each other. If you misconcep those it will create miscommunication, and cause you trouble. 

Drawing is also a form of art, but it’s different from calligraphy. Both calligraphy and drawing use paper and visual art. But there is a difference in making them. Like in calligraphy we create beautiful letters with

Pointed nib, a broad-edged nib, a brush, etc. and in drawing we create pictures and diagrams with pen, pencil and brush. 

If you are filling any school form, resume or something else, And you want to mention calligraphy there. But the calligraphy option is not available there. 

And if you’re thinking about writing or considering calligraphy in drawing, it is a bad idea to do so. I will suggest that you first talk with regarded person, and if it is not possible then leave it empty. 

Because calligraphy and drawing are very different from each other. It may confuse or misunderstood the person in front of you. And chances of miscommunication will increase. 

Can we learn Calligraphy without a background in art or drawing?

Surely, you can learn calligraphy without having a background in art or drawing. There are many people including me who didn’t have any art or drawing background. But we are doing great in calligraphy.

It is absolutely not mandatory to have a background in arts or drawing. It’s just your interest that matters. It is not necessarily that you have to be a good artist. It is absolutely fine. 

Is Calligraphy Drawing?
Is Calligraphy Drawing?

It totally depends on your dedication, will-power, and pleasure. If you love to do it and are not great at it. It is totally fine. You don’t have to be great at it. You can just use calligraphy for your hobby and peace of mind. 

Lot of people do calligraphy on their own. And at that level it does not matter at all how good you are in calligraphy. 

So, I will say it does matter if you are from an art background or not. You can learn it either way. And be good at it. And if you didn’t become good at it, it’s totally fine though. The pleasure you will receive is always greater than anything. 

You can always get better at calligraphy no matter what!! 

Does Calligraphy Improve Your Drawing?

It is not necessary that calligraphy will improve your drawing. Because it all depends on the visual cortex of the brain.

Visual cortex helps you to identify anything that you can see. For example, you try to draw a perfect circle, but after making it you realize it’s not perfect. This is how the visual cortex works (In short).

Now to the question, the visual cortex of the person with good handwriting will always identify what’s good, and respond to it with his skills/talent. 

but when it comes to drawing he may recognize what’s the fault in drawing but can’t respond because his skills/talent are not enough to do so.

There are a lot of people who have bad handwriting, but are quite good at drawing. And also a lot of people with good handwriting and bad  drawing. I am also involved in those.

My handwriting is quite good, but I am terrible at drawing. As an example below, it’s my drawing. And it’s very terrific.

does calligraphy improve drawing
does calligraphy improve drawing- My drawing

So we can see, there is not any relation between drawing and handwriting. So calligraphy will not help to improve your drawing.

There are people with good handwriting and bad drawing skills. And also with bad handwriting and good drawing.

So it all depends on your inner talent or skills which you adopt with practice. I hope that explains everything and gives you a clear idea for this question.

Is calligraphy an art or craft?

Calligraphy is an art. It is an art of writing beautiful words. But some people say,  it’s more on the craft side. Because in calligraphy height and proportions, as well as the shape and form of letter are carefully constructed to create a new letter. 

Every letter will interact with each other in a specific way. So initially calligraphy is actually an art. It’s an art of expressing emotions through letters and words. It’s an art of writing beautiful words. 

And it is totally different from typography, handwriting and drawing. It has it’s on existence

4 Differences between Calligraphy and Drawing

Following are the 4 differences between calligraphy and drawing. Those will help you to make a difference between them, and clear your doubts. 

1. Difference between – Purpose of creating. 

Our first Difference between calligraphy and drawing is the purpose of creating. Although it seems very similar, they have a thin line between them.

Calligraphy is mainly focused on the process of creating it and not the end result. The pleasure and peace of 

Mind you’ll receive is the purpose of calligraphy. 

Calligraphy is done for relaxation and meditation purposes. It holds a lot of values for the prison creating it. Also for some it is the way of expressing emotions through letters. It’s an art of creating beautiful words. 

Both are visual art but they have those differences in purpose of creating. 

2. Difference between – Tools

The tools for creating calligraphy and drawings are totally different. In calligraphy we use specific tools such as a pointed nib, a broad-edged nib, a brush, etc. In Drawing we use Pen, pencil, crayons, brush, etc. 

In calligraphy We use specific tools such as a pointed nib, a broad-edged nib, a brush, etc. To create beautiful letters on paper with Calligraphy ink. 

Other hand, in drawing we use Pen, pencil, crayons, brush, etc. to draw a diagram and picture on paper with graphite, pigment color and watercolor. 

So it is obvious that tools for creating calligraphy and drawing are different. And the process of this is also different. 

3. Difference between – Visual difference 

There is a visual difference between calligraphy and drawing, in calligraphy we create only beautiful letters. And in drawing we create diagrams and pictures. 

In the calligraphy height and proportions, as well as the shape and form of the letter are carefully constructed to create a new letter. 

In drawing we create symmetrical and unsymmetrical diagrams and imaginary or realistic pictures on paper. 

There is a visual difference in both of them, which people mistakenly misunderstood. Therefore it creates confusion in people’s eyes.

4. Difference between – Inks 

The in is very different Calligraphy and drawing. In Calligraphy we use special Calligraphy ink. And in Drawing we use graphite pencil, crayons, watercolour and pigment colour. 

We use different ink and it performs differently for Calligraphy and Drawing. Oftentimes the nibs are different and also tools are different. We didn’t want to mix them without knowing anything.

Even though Calligraphy inks and Drawing colours are very similar in qualities. And after they are being used they look equally vibrant when dry, but they perform vastly differently over time. 

This is because drawing inks are dye based and at a same, calligraphy inks are pigment based and therefore fully light fast.

Ink and their consistency are different in calligraphy and drawing. Also they perform differently over time. Their chemical compounds are different.

You can get in depth information about calligraphy inks from this article- Is Calligraphy Ink Toxic?

Is Drawing Ink the Same as Calligraphy Ink?

Drawing ink and calligraphy inks are not the same at all. Drawing ink made from pigment base. On the other hand, calligraphy inks are mostly made from alcohol base or water based. The consistency of Calligraphy ink and drawing ink are also very different, therefore you can not use one for another.

Drawing inks and calligraphy inks are both made for different purposes. Therefore their characteristics are also different. Their consistency, their time required for drying, their colors, and base are also different. So don’t mismatch them. They are different from each other.

And don’t ever think that both are inks and they are the same thing. No it’s not. They are both different. And they both are made from different purposes therefore their making techniques and ingredients are also different. As well as their characteristics. They both behave different.

Conclusion- Is Calligraphy Drawing?

In the end, the conclusion is, Calligraphy is not a Drawing. They both seem very similar because they both are visual art and done on paper. But that is a misconception. 

Because they are totally different from each other. Also they have many differences, like purpose of making, tools, ink etc as above. 

In straight language, calligraphy is the art of writing beautiful letters, and drawing is the art of creating diagrams and pictures. 

Often they are misunderstood. But they are different from each other. Various factors are different in them, as we mentioned above. 

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