Is Calligraphy hard to learn? 8 tips for beginners

Is Calligraphy hard to learn? 8 Tips for Beginners- InkSmooth

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Do you want to know Is calligraphy hard to learn? Is calligraphy hard or easy to learn? Can anyone learn calligraphy? Is calligraphy difficult to learn? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Is Calligraphy Hard to Learn? Calligraphy is not at all hard to learn, but mastering it requires a little more effort and dedication. Calligraphy is very easy to learn for all. But if you want to master the skill it requires a lot of hard work and patience. 

Is Calligraphy hard to learn?

Can Anyone Learn Calligraphy? With some practice calligraphy is very easy to learn for everyone. Anyone can achieve great grip on calligraphy easily. It is obvious that it also depends on your will. And also depends on how much effort you put into it. 

But besides that, Calligraphy is very easy to learn. At least to beginner level and with very little interest you are able to be a little advanced in calligraphy.

But if you want to be really expert in calligraphy, you have to put hard work and dedication into it. If you really want to be professional, you need to be dedicated and learn as many things as possible. Learning will help you in it.

Calligraphy is very easy to learn, you just have to put some time and practice in it. Also below in this article i mention very important and good tips for learning calligraphy. If you follow them you are easily able to learn calligraphy. 

I would always suggest that you don’t get afraid of it. Never doubt anything about it. Just start learning without hesitation. And it will definitely reward you. I am here to always help you in it. 

Don’t make doubts about yourself, calligraphy is very easy to learn. Even for students and kids. 

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5 Things to know Before Learning Calligraphy

There are few things you should note before learning calligraphy. Here they are in list format. 

1. Calligraphy Needs a Lot of Practice.

Before thinking about calligraphy. You need to keep in mind that learning calligraphy will take tons of practice, patience, and effort. Lot of times people just see 10 second beautiful calligraphy videos, and get fascinated towards it. They also want to do the same in 10 sec. But they forget that that 10 sec video took years of practice.

People think they can do the same calligraphy effortlessly shown as per video. But these professionals practiced calligraphy for years. And their muscles and mind have years of experience to do that.

So before even thinking about learning calligraphy, you should know that you have to put in hours of practice and effort. Otherwise you’ll get stressed out and mad while learning. 

Calligraphy needs time, and effort to learn. 

2. Calligraphy is Art and Skill.

Calligraphy is an art as well as a skill. And similar to every skill you first have to learn by putting in a lot of effort. And if you are ready to put that much effort into it. Then only you should look forward to learning calligraphy.

So decide wisely. It will going to take your lot of time, and effort. And it requires daily practice. Otherwise if you are not doing it daily, you will not be able to learn as quickly as possible. 

So you should commit daily practice to calligraphy. And ready to put your last possible efforts for it.

3. Learn One Font At a Time.

Lot of people get fascinated by looking at instagram videos, and they are about different fonts. So some people try to learn different fonts at a time. They skip the basics. And don’t pay attention to the basics.

This only makes your learning process long. Don’t get fascinated by other videos and don’t try to copy them. Just select one font first. Go through basics then slowly practice alphabets. And get a good grip on one font first. Then move to another.

Otherwise, you’ll get burned out and overwhelmed.

4. There is a Lot of Money in Calligraphy, Don’t Worry!

Lot of people, especially students who are seeing calligraphy as a career, are always confused. They are scared whether it is profitable or not. 

For these people i just want to say that, don’t worry. There is a lot of money in the calligraphy field. I wrote a best article about this topic.- Calligraphy as a Profession? And Career in Calligraphy- InkSmooth. In this article I shared how much exact money you can earn from calligraphy. And can you make a living out of it? 

Even If you get a job in calligraphy you can expect a salary of $5000 USD per month. But it can vary upon location and which city you are living in. adding up jobs you can also sell your custom products, art pieces, or work as a freelancer.

So those who want to learn calligraphy but are scared of money and earning, don’t worry. Go for it. It’s a good career to look at. And  to boost your confidence further more.- 14 Reasons Calligraphy is a Good Career- InkSmooth.

5. Focus on Goal Not Distraction.

Don’t ever get overwhelmed by looking at instagram. Or don’t get too fascinated. Stick with your hard word and font. Once you learn that then you can go ahead.

It’s easy to get fascinated and overwhelmed by short calligraphy videos. Or even some people get nervous and demotivate because there are a lot of talented artists already there. Don’t worry you can get there too.

Just stay focused and try to master your skill. Specially those who are seeing calligraphy as a career get scared because there are a lot of talented people already doing good jobs. But don’t worry this field is so vast. And everyone gets the chance. Just develop your skills and master it.

Do not ever get distracted. The more effort you are going to put in it, the more benefits it’ll return to you.

Following are the tips for beginners to help them learn calligraphy. 

Is Calligraphy hard to learn for Students?

Calligraphy is very easy to learn, even if you are a student. No matter if you’re in high school or in primary school. Calligraphy is easy to learn for everyone. 

Rather I would say, if you are a student it is the best time to learn calligraphy. And try a hand in it. It is really beneficial for you. Here in this article we mention all of those benefits from calligraphy- 13 Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy.

Learning calligraphy as a student will benefit you a lot in various ways. Not you are just able to flex in front of others, but it will help to develop your personality. And also teaches you a lot of different things. It will boost your confidence and focus. And help you to get better marks in the exams. 

Also it calms your mind and reduces stress and study pressure.

I will encourage you to learn calligraphy as soon as possible. Also below I mention tips that will help you to learn calligraphy.

And if you are afraiding of it, whether you will be able to learn it or not. I would say don’t worry about the result and start doing it for yourself. 

It will relax you a lot and helps to gain confidence. And benefits you a lot from various directions. So don’t get afraid and start it for yourself. 

And just to remind you, calligraphy is very easy to learn, if you put very little effort into it. You just have to start taking steps. 

Is Calligraphy hard to learn for Kids?

Calligraphy is also easy to learn as a kid. Many parents know the benefits of calligraphy, therefore they start teaching their kids calligraphy from a young age. And it’s also a good thing. It’s like learning handwriting for them.

So don’t worry about it. And it does not have any pressure on it. It is easy to learn it as a kid. But though i want to mention, don’t put pressure on them to learn. Keep it natural and stress-free. Don’t make it competitive, rather have this as a fun activity. In that way your child will be able to get full benefit from it.

I know it’s an oblivious thing. And if you want to be concerned about whether your child will be able to learn it or not. They are able to learn it, at least the basics of it as a kid. 

But keep this thing subjective. Nothing will go wrong if he doesn’t. 

Keep it as a game and fun activity. It will benefit him/her anyways. It will develop his personality, his knowledge and control over hand. So you lose nothing from it. It will teach him/her patience and dedication. It introduces them with languages and new words. 

So keep the result side, and let them enjoy it, either way it is beneficial for them.

8 Useful Insider Tips for beginners to learn Calligraphy

1. Don’t worry much about which pen is best 

In the beginning, don’t worry about anything too much. Lot of people gets to cautions about unnecessary things like tools. Never get too worried about which pen is best, or which one to pick. 

Yes pens do play an important role in calligraphy, but it’s not something to get anxious about. Smooth paper is always more needed. 

You have to understand that you grew up eventually in calligraphy and more tools and pens will be going to add in your collection. So never get worried about it in the beginning. 

2. Don’t write calligraphy rather draw it

It’s a great thing to acquire in calligraphy. Don’t write the letter, rather imagine drawing it. It will help you in calligraphy. 

Learn the letter formation first and then try to draw it on paper. And in this way, you eventually learn about writing it. 

What happens is your hand has a habit to write the particular words in a particular way. And when you try to change that habit you find it a little difficult in the beginning.

This trick will help you in this case. And help you in the beginning stage of learning. 

3. Practice letter formation before thickness and strokes

Lot of people make this mistake, when they start learning calligraphy they pay too much attention to strokes and thickness.

Always pay first attention to letter formation, then take care of strokes and thickness. People make the mistake of practicing strokes and thickness first, rather than letter formation. 

It is best to always practice letter formation first and then thickness and strokes. 

It is the best advice in this list, and you will ever find it on the internet for beginners. This mistake causes people trouble and also makes their learning journey hard.

This tip will make your basics strong and you will be able to write any letter perfectly. 

4. Sit properly and Don’t move your wrist

Next tip is you have to sit properly and don’t move your wrist. Use your hand for writing, not your wrist. Using your wrist for writing will decrease your momentum, hence you will not get enough hand range.

Sit properly on a table or desk, use proper equipment and make your posture right then start writing. Proper posture is very important for learning calligraphy. Therefore sit properly and get enough hand range, so you can write perfectly. 

Allowing your hand full range of motion, will help you to write efficiently and properly.

5. Never worry about result and enjoy the process

This is one of most best tips you can get. Never get too cautious about the result. Enjoy the process. 

It is always beneficial to learn calligraphy. Besides writing skills, calligraphy has a lot of things to offer you. It benefits you in lots of ways. You can read full article about benefits of calligraphy here – Powerful Benefits of Learning Calligraphy

So always enjoy the process and not worry about results. It is always not the end result which gives you pleasure but the process for it. 

6. Calligraphy and cursive are different 

Also keep in mind calligraphy is not cursive, both are different and also have a different style of writing. Keep in mind and keep those separate. Maybe they look very familiar but they are not the same.

Lot of people make the mistake of misunderstanding those two as same. And they mix both, which is not a good thing at all. 

So keep in mind and don’t mix them while writing. And understand the difference between those.

7. Lift your hand while writing 

Other mistakes people make in begging are that they think calligraphy and cursive are the same. And try not to lift their hand while writing. Which is a very wrong thing. 

Calligraphy is not cursive and they both are different. You have to lift your hand in calligraphy. Lifting your hand while writing calligraphy will help you to write better. 

So lift your hand while writing, it will help you to write better and perfectly. 

8. Write slow 

Last and very important tip I can give you is to write slowly. It is such a great tip, often new people make this mistake by not writing slowly.

You have to write slowly while writing. Many famous artists also consider write slowly to practice.

Especially beginners find it difficult to lettering the spellings. And it will help you in it. You will be able to get better at it quickly. And always you can switch to writing fast. 

But for starting it is best to write slowly, in that way you get comfortable with lettering the spell.

Conclusion- Is Calligraphy Hard to learn?

Calligraphy is not hard to learn, it is very easy to learn. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a student, it is easy to learn for all. 

But being better in it may require dedication and effort. And if you are ready to put some effort into it, you can be an expert in the calligraphy. 

Also never worry about the result, if you love doing it just go for it. If you feel good, relaxed and calm you should not worry about the result at all.

Also calligraphy has lots of benefits so don’t worry about the result, it will always benefit you in various ways.

I provide some really great tips for beginners to learn calligraphy. If you follow them, they will help you a lot. 

The tips I provide will make your path very easy. 

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