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In this article we are going to see how calligraphy used today? Is calligraphy still used today? What is calligraphy used for? And What is calligraphy used for today? From its beginning to now, how it’s evolved. We are going to see usage of calligraphy. And what is calligraphy used for

What is Calligraphy Used for Today? Back in days calligraphy was used for presenting text beautifully. It gets used for hand letters, cards, religious art, handwritten signs, book design. Also In Today’s day due to modern era it gets used for various things like graphics, font, brand building, gifts, inscriptions, various invitations, logos.

Following section has detailed information about uses of calligraphy from the beginning to today’s day. How uses of calligraphy gets developed. Also we has a complete list of all uses of calligraphy in below section. click here to see the list.

Uses of Calligraphy Today

In the very beginning when calligraphy got invented firstly it got used for religious art. Therefore it has a religious touch to it. Lot of people respect calligraphy because of this religious angle.

For example when the Quran gets written, they think it is the words of god It has to be written beautifully. Therefore they get help from calligraphy.

Calligraphy was originally invented in China. They use it for presenting text beautifully. And then it came to Japan. Japanese people also take inspiration from China and start doing the same. Calligraphy is also used for inscriptions.

Then it traveled the world. And various human civilizations use calligraphy to represent texts beautifully. Therefore calligraphy is called as the visual art of beautiful writing.

For many centuries people used it for giving delicate designs to books and literature. Therefore calligraphy has a literature value. You can check this article for it.

Calligraphy is handmade therefore it impact a lot. When we write our emotions with our hand it impacts more. So what could be the best gift then this. Therefore calligraphy got used as a gift. People gift handmade cards to others, hand letters, calligraphy writing in products like necklace, bracelets and so on. It is the best gift ever!

Also because of the impact it made of readers and its premium feel, people started using it on invitation cards. And other things. And the modern era started to come.

And after development and furbishment of Calligraphy. When it’s completely evolved then it’s continued to grow in various different sectors. In the form of wedding Calligraphy, design, font, religious art, original hand-,letters, typography. 

Also in modern equipment it is used for logo design, brand building, graphic designing, commission base calligraphy. And then with the modernization people again started to see the value of handmade things. 

So now again calligraphy became a handmade product. These days companies hire people for a good amount of money. And make handmade products and calligraphy. Then they sell it for a higher price. 

And people also buy these products for a higher price. Because in the modern era people crave for handmade things. They adore them and pay a higher price for it. 

Therefore companies also take advantage of it for brand building. In these modern days calligraphy is used for brand building and Advertising.

Also calligraphy is a very authentic and organic thing. It looks very classy and beautiful. If we compare it to things it looks very simple yet beautiful. 

Calligraphy is very impactful to people  because it’s handmade. And every calligrapher has its own style and uniqueness. Therefore it is very impactful for others. And If brands use calligraphy then it helps people to connect more with brands. And helps to understand the brand’s moral values and thoughts.

Therefore it makes sense to use calligraphy more brand building. And I think it’s one of the best methods.

Even if brands use calligraphy for their logo designs it gives them a premium touch. And the brand seems high-end and authentic.

So we can say calligraphy helps brands to express more. And not just express more but express it in an impactful way. Because at any time calligraphy is more impactful than other marketing methods.

It also gets used for films and television a lot .

What is Calligraphy Used For?

In this section we are going to see overall use of calligraphy from back in the day. What is calligraphy used for? So let’s start quickly.

1. Inscriptions

old chinese Calligraphy Inscription
old chinese Calligraphy Inscription

At the very beginning when calligraphy was invented in china. We are talking about 206 BCE – 220 CE. You can gather information about the invention of calligraphy here.

So when it was invented way back in 206 BCE – 220 CE at china. People use it for inscriptions. 

People used it widely for inscriptions mainly in the beginning centuries. People still do calligraphy on many different surfaces like wood, canvas, and so on.

2. Religious Arts

Reference of Arabic Calligraphy
Reference of Arabic Calligraphy

People used calligraphy a lot for religious arts. Especially in Arabic culture, when the  Quran gets written they think it has to be written wisely because it’s the word of god. Therefore they use calligraphy for writing the Quran.

And they want to preserve it into its purest form. Therefore  the rules of Arabic calligraphy is very strict and everyone has to follow it.

It is one of the hardest calligraphy to learn and write. It takes hours to compose an art piece. Sometimes it took months for it. If you want to know more about Arabic calligraphy you can check our this article- 8 Reasons Why is Arabic Calligraphy Beautiful?

6 Reasons Why is Arabic Calligraphy Not Easy?

Is Calligraphy Halal In Islam?

And beside Arabic culture there are a lot of other cultures that used calligraphy in their religion. For example, Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy.

Lots of religions used calligraphy for their religious art works. And calligraphy plays an important role for them. Therefore calligraphy is a non neglectable part of many religions.

3. Book Designs

Calligraphy is specially used for giving artistic and interesting touches to book designs. Even nowadays calligraphy is used for book designs.

Books are just text and people may get bored of it. Therefore writers use calligraphy to make books more interesting. 

Lot of poets and writers take help of Calligraphy to present their writings in an appealing way.

It gives an amazing story and feel to simple looking  books. And Make them more interesting and appealing to us.

And this makes a drastic impact on the book. The cover of the book and text of the book looks better and sometimes it supports the story of time.

For example in the very early years when the graphics and visual sector were not developed enough. Its very big thing.

So if the book was about something in history, if you use Roman or gothic calligraphy fonts, then it gives a really nice old feel to the book.

And make the reader’s experience 100X better.

So calligraphy is not just used to give an appealing and beautiful look to a book but also for making the reader’s experience better.

We can say calligraphy is the best visual form for text, even nowadays.

4. Gifting and letter Writing purposes.

Imagine if you want to write a letter to a famous person. You’re a big fan of his. How would you give your best in that letter? How would you make the letter more appealing to them? 

One of the best answers is Calligraphy. You can make your letter very beautiful and appealing with Calligraphy. And it shows them that how much you care about this letter, that you put this much effort into writing it.

It could be your close one also. And same with gifts also.

If you gift someone a handmade letter and write your emotions on it. It will touch their heart. And it will be an amazing gift, isn’t it? 

use of  Calligraphy as a gift
use of Calligraphy as a gift

So people use Calligraphy a lot for gifting purposes. Even if you write calligraphy on some product, it will be very great. E.g. their name on the grain of rice.

It makes them feel special and important. That gift has a touch of hand therefore it makes way more impact then any other gift.

Specially in today’s day, people have become very artificial. Therefore the importance of handmade things has really gone up.

People are ready to spend high prices for handmade things. And they adore handmade things.

Therefore a handwritten card is more valuable than another machine made gift. 

So for gifting purposes Calligraphy is widely used amongst people and especially nowadays.

5. Unwind And Relax With Calligraphy

Lot of people mainly use calligraphy as a hobby and relaxing activity. Calligraphy helps a lot to reduce your stress. After a long week of work people do calligraphy for stress relief.

And for a lot of people it’s a hobby they like to do.

Lot of people do calligraphy because practicing calligraphy is very therapeutic. It helps you relax your mind. And meditate while making strokes with focus. It is a very meditative activity therefore people use it as a mediation. 

It slows down the mind and makes it calm. It is a great way to release pressure from work and relationships. It clears your thoughts and helps in problem-solving.

Therefore a lot of people do it as a stress relieving activity and hobby.

What is Calligraphy Used for Today?

1. Branding and Brand Building

The best example of uses of Calligraphy in branding is Coca cola.

Coca Cola Logo
Coca Cola Logo

I know coca cola is a little old brand. But first thing is Calligraphy was around 1800 years old art.

So it’s not that old a brand compared to calligraphy.

But the point is, like Coca cola, a lot of other brands and new startups use calligraphy for their branding.

Why do they do this? They do this to establish a connection with their customers. Calligraphy helps brands look more premium and expensive. The brand looks very classy and high-end.

Also it provides a deep connection with their customers. And the most important is that the brand looks very unique.

Imagine a coca cola name without their unique font. You can not, I know. 

So calligraphy provides a unique identity to brand names. Therefore Calligraphy is very helpful for branding and brand building.

Lot of companies take advantage of it. And it also increase the brand loyalty.


Use of Calligraphy for packaging
Use of Calligraphy for packaging

While brand building brands use calligraphy for their product packaging.

And it helps a lot in various aspects. We might see this as a common thing now. But it is very useful for braiding.

It not just makes packaging look beautiful but also creates a brand identity in our mind. We started to get used to it.

Every colour has a unique meaning and nature. And when we see it, it triggers a certain feeling and emotion in our mind. 

Similarly this happens with fonts also. We develop a brand image in our mind. And get used to it. (How do I know all these? Because I am studying mass media and this is all part of my study.)

Advance information:- In deeper words, we imagine a brand as a person and develop his personality in our mind. These all characteristics are responsible for that, which colour brand uses, which design, which font, which look, which packaging, in which packaging it comes. These are all things that are responsible for it. While teaching brand building, these all are taught.

And mainly if the brand looks beautiful and expensive they can charge higher.

2. Logo Design

Use of Calligraphy for Creating Logo
Use of Calligraphy for Creating Logo

Same as the above heading, calligraphy is very helpful for establishing a brand identity. And logo design is also very helpful for that.

Similar to the above heading, the coca cola logo is the best example for this.

The logo has its unique identity all over the world. Calligraphy is often used for logo design. due to this modern era and modernization we can use Calligraphy in digital format.

And logo design is a great example for it. Most brand and logo designers use calligraphy to make their logo attractive and unique.

And also to convey the meaning of their brand. one one best example of this is Iinterest Logo and Canva Logo.

3. Advertising

Calligraphy is used for advertising in today’s day. Very big brands also use calligraphy for their advertisement campaigns.

The best example for it is Luca Barcellona doing calligraphy for Nike.

Luca Barcellona Doing Calligraphy for Nike
Luca Barcellona Doing Calligraphy for Nike

Loca Barcellona is a very famous Calligrapher. He has his own graphic studio. And he did calligraphy for nike. You can check more information on the internet.

So today Calligraphy is used for advertising a lot. Because it makes a powerful impact on the customer.

4. Signage

Signage means commercial or public display signs. They are kind of advertising billboards. 

Brands use calligraphy for signage to impact their customers.

And it’s an advertising technique. In today’s day Calligraphy is used for Signage.

5. Designs and Posters.

In today’s day people use calligraphy in their designs and posters to make them more attractive.

Calligraphy makes text look so beautiful and people take advantage of  this in DTP and graphic design. Nowadays people use calligraphy for designs, posters and brochures a lot.

That takes us to our next point.

6. Wedding Invitation and Other Various Invitations.

These days people use calligraphy for all types of various invitation cards. Especially in wedding invitations, people use calligraphy a lot.

You can eliminate the uses of calligraphy in weddings by just that, ‘They had to make a separate sub category which we call Wedding Calligraphy. ‘

Use of Calligraphy for Wedding
Use of Calligraphy for Wedding

There are separate types of calligraphy that exist for the wedding sector. People use it so much that it has become a signature style of weddings now. 

People use calligraphy a lot for wedding invitations and themes. Even if you search on google, “wedding invitation.” You will find a lot of calligraphy wedding invitations.

These two are mixed so well and look amazing, therefore people use them a lot. And wedding Calligraphy is a niche itself now. 

There are calligraphers who call themselves a wedding Calligrapher. 

So you can eliminate how much people use calligraphy for weddings nowadays. 

And not just wedding invitations but also all other types of invitations such as events and programs. People use calligraphy a lot in invitation cards. Nowadays it’s become a trend.

7. Diploma Certificate And Other Certificates/ Reports.

Use of calligraphy for diploma Certificates
Use of calligraphy for diploma Certificates.

Similar to Wedding Calligraphy, people like to use calligraphy for diploma certificates and other certificates/ reports. It makes them look beautiful and amazing.

Nowadays people have started to use calligraphy a lot for making diploma certificates and Reports. There is not any specific deep reason for it, it just looks beautiful and authentic.

8. Make a Living Out of Calligraphy

One of the very practical uses of calligraphy is turning your skill into a living. And nowadays people have become very open minded. So they use calligraphy as their primary career. They make living on calligraphy.

And it’s actually possible and very practical to do. You can get full information of it from here- Calligraphy as a Profession? And Career in Calligraphy

For now, here are a few ways people use calligraphy for living. And make Money from it.

  • Become a calligraphy teacher/ instructor: You can become a calligraphy teacher in calligraphy classes or open our own calligraphy coaching center. Or even online you can teach calligraphy to others and earn a good amount of money. You can also make online courses and make people buy them, in this way you will earn money passively. But remember it’s not going to be that easy. That bring us to the next point.
  • Create Calligraphy Learning Resources: This is a great way to reach a wider audience, even international audience. You can create PDFs of useful calligraphy learning resources such as practice sheets, guide books and cheat sheets. And put them on Etsy (online store )for purchase. This is also a passive way to earn. And even if you create your own side and distribute resources for free but monetize the website you can earn good money. 
  • Freelancing: this is a great way to earn money from calligraphy. Most calligraphers use this method today to earn money. Calligraphers make custom artwork or do calligraphy for others and get paid by them. It is a very widely used method by calligraphers. Lot of people are doing this nowadays!
  • Calligraphy job: you can get a job in the calligraphy field. And earn up to 30 dollars per hour. It is a good paying job. For more information check out the article above. 
  • Setup your own business or online store: Because of the internet, nowadays you can reach international customers easily. Therefore you can set up your online store where you can sell calligraphy products and art pieces. Nowadays people use it for making money.

9. Creating Fonts 

Uses of calligraphy for Creating digital font in todays day
Uses of calligraphy for Creating digital font in todays day

Last but not least use of calligraphy is creating amazing looking fonts. People love to use the calligraphy font of their desktop and mobile phone.

It looks really beautiful. Also you can create your own handwriting font and use it as a font for your phone or PC.

Isn’t it amazing to use your own font while chatting to others? Therefore nowadays people use calligraphy for making custom fonts.

As we mentioned above, wedding and calligraphy are so mixed together. So people use calligraphy fonts in wedding videos. And it looks amazing.

Nowadays people use calligraphy a lot for creating beautiful fonts. And it looks amazing.

10. Graffiti

Use of calligraphy for Graffiti
Use of calligraphy for Graffiti

In nowadays one of the latest uses of calligraphy is Graffiti. People use calligraphy for graffiti.

It is one example of the evolution of this great art. And how it easily adopts the changes of time.

It easily gets mixed with computers in the form of digit fonts and words, it also gets combined with certificates and now with modern art forms such as graffiti.

People use calligraphy for graffiti and make it more beautiful. In older times people used to express their thoughts and emotions with the help of calligraphy. And nowadays with modernization people use this same concept in graffiti. And they express their thoughts and emotions with graffiti and calligraphy.

For now that’s it for this article. Comment below your thoughts and other uses if we missed any. 

Thanks for reading!!

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